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Dillard’s 2022 Annual Sale is Officially Cancelled

Dillard’s Annual New Year’s Day 2022 Cancelled or WHAT?

Technically, I can’t claim that it is even New Year’s IF Dillard’s annual New Year’s Day Sale is out of the question.

As curious as you are getting, we are too. This sale has been attracting shoppers for the longest now. This time, however, the question is, whether the 2022 sale has been cancelled. 

Hear us out as we have got you covered.

The Dillard’s Annual New Year 2022 held on 1st January every year is one of the most-awaited sales. It is immensely popular for its discounts and sales. Moreover, there are additional discounts and prices are slashed even more.

It is a great opportunity for all the shoppers out there to get their hands on the best of deals.

But hey, just so we are on the same page, from the looks of it, the sale might be ”cancelled” this year. To bring more details, I am here and please keep reading to find out more about it.

Dillard’s 2022 Annual Sale – Cancelled?

Hate to break it out to you but Dillard’s annual sale 2022 is cancelled.

No official announcement has been made yet from the store officials. The shoppers took their curiosity onto social media to check on the status of the annual sale.

Dillard’s, however, revealed it out to the world about the cancellation of the sale. They said it on a tweet of KUTV2’s news reports confirming that the sale is cancelled.

The store replied on the tweet, “Dillard’s has thousands of newly reduced prices and incredible deals to shop that we hope you will enjoy, but we will not be having an additional discount on permanently reduced merchandise.”

This was Jamie McGriff’s tweet.

Signboard of Dillard’s Shared An Update!

Well, Social media users found it really hard to believe that Dillard’s has cancelled their 2022 sale.

They thought it to be just a ”rumor” as the store hasn’t shared any official update.

Furthermore, some users circulated a signboard on social media mentioning that the 1st January annual sale of Dillard’s is cancelled.

The message on the signboard read, “Dillard’s customers. We will not be having our annual % off New Years Day sale on January 1st,”

Here comes the post.

Twitter Breaks OUT!

Dillard’s 2022 sale is highly-anticipated and now that the shoppers know it isn’t happening, they are clearly unhappy.

One of the tweets read, “Dillards really not having the New Years Day sale”

The other one followed. “Yeah shit serious if Dillards cancelled their New Years Day sale.”, it read.

Moreover, from the looks of it, the sale is officially cancelled.

Furthermore, for some, it was heartbreaking. “@Dillards not having their New Years Day sale just makes my heart break. It’s been my tradition for the last 10 years!!”

In addition to the above, there were thousands of more tweets.

Although the company currently has its ”After Christmas” sale planned. However, it will stay for a limited period.

According to the company, they are offering massive discounts and “thousands of price reductions,”

Therefore, if you are someone who hasn’t yet been to Dillard’s sale, rush to get your hands on After Christmas sale.

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  1. Very disappointing Dillards! I have shopped that sale for years and always spent hundreds of dollars! Won’t be shopping with you this year!

  2. They have not had their extra percent off this past year – now no sale on New Year’s Day – shame on you Dillard’s. You have lost me as a customer – Macy’s here I come!!!!

  3. As a former employees im happy they dont have that non sense sale anymore , its tooks us a week to recover from the mess people leave ….and we never got any extra pay lol it was awfull…and all these shoppers are sooo nasty…glad its off , dillards have sales all over the year and at there outlets as well , also they dont carry good brandsanymore they re more for singers and celebrity brands than traditional ones like clarks …adidas nike….sucks

  4. 50% off on only on a few items the store chooses is NOT a “massive” sale -it is the starting point of previous sales. Why does this writer think anyone should “rush” to get there, except drinking the Corp kool-aid. If Dillards doesn’t want or need customers, that is fine with me. There are plenty of others from Amazon to Saks that offer better merchandise and service.


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