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Did Michael Lerner Have Any Kids? Inside ‘Elf’ Star’s Personal Life

At the moment, the entire film fraternity is mourning the loss of American actor Michael Lerner. The Hollywood actor who starred in television shows like Clueless and Glee died on Saturday, April 8, 2023.

The Beautician and the Beast star passed away at the age of 81 on Saturday evening. Michael’s nephew Sam Lerner announced the sad news of his death in an emotional tribute on Instagram. Read on to know more about Michael Learner including his family life.

Did Michael Lerner have any children?

The X-Men: Days of Future Past actor Michael Lerner took his last breaths on Saturday evening. He passed away at the age of 81. He is survived by his younger brother Ken and his nephew Sam.

Up until right now, not much is known about the love life of the American actor Michael Lerner. As of this moment, it’s unknown whether the Clueless star was married or had any kids.

What was the cause behind the demise of Michael Lerner?

The Oscar-nominated actor Michael Lerner passed away at the age of 81 on Saturday, April 8, 2023. His nephew Sam Lerner who is well-known for starring in the TV show The Goldbergs announced the news of his passing in a post on Instagram.

Sam, the son of actor Ken Lerner started by writing, “We lost a legend last night. It’s hard to put into words how brilliant my uncle Michael was, and how influential he was to me. His stories always inspired me and made me fall in love with acting.”

He went on to say, “He was the coolest, most confident, talented guy, and the fact that he was my blood will always make me feel special. Everyone that knows him knows how insane he was— in the best way.”

Lerner continued, “I’m so lucky I got to spend so much time with him, and we’re all lucky we can continue to watch his work for the rest of time. RIP Michael, enjoy your unlimited Cuban cigars, comfy chairs, and endless movie marathon 💖.”

In the lengthy Instagram post shared by Sam, the cause behind the demise of Michael was not disclosed. At the time of his passing, the Barton Fink actor was 81 years old.

Here’s everything you need to know about Michael Lerner’s acting career

Over the years, Michael Lerner had a marvelous career in film and television. He appeared in movies like Eight Men Out, Barton Fink, No Escape, No Way Back, and Life During Wartime.  

As per a report by New York Post, the Romanian-Jewish American actor had a total of three projects in development. It has been reported by the media outlet that he was in post-production on “Sallywood” with Sally Kirkland, Jennifer Tilly, and Eric Roberts.

The publication also stated that Lerner was working on Fragments from Olympus: The Vision of Nikola Tesla with Sean Young and Ed Begley Jr. and Edoardo the Last Goodbye. 

Our love and prayers go out to the near and dear ones of the Hollywood actor Michael Lerner during this tragic time. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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