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Dangerous Liaisons Canceled at Starz Reversing Renewal of Season 2

On Nov 6th, Starz premiered the highly anticipated period drama “Dangerous Liaisons”. The platform brought the show starring Alice Elgert and Nicholas Denton transporting us to the good Victorian age wearing heavy waited gowns and enjoying tea sessions at dawn.

Period dramas are tricky for both fans and the network as it barges at the edge with chances of either making the show the highlight of the platform or throwing it on the verge that it makes it difficult to vision the show’s future. 

The reason for saying this is that the streaming platform, Starz, has got some bad news for all those waiting for an update on the Dangerous Liaisons season 2.

Despite a stunning renewal within days of releasing the show on the platform, the network is here with even sadder news. Check out this article to know everything.

Dangerous Liaisons Cancelled at Starz Despite Renewal 

Not even a full moon ago, the streamer Starz renewed the newly released period drama for a second season. One season later, Starz has chosen to cancel Dangerous Liaisons — an action-packed historical drama series that was renewed just last month.

The cable broadcaster has confirmed the show’s cancellation to Variety. “Dangerous Liaisons”’ Season 2 was ordered in November, before its first episode premiered in November.

The final three episodes of the prequel will be aired on STARZ as new showrunners are being looked for. The prequel was originally planned to finish its season but the development team found a better opportunity to finish.

Why Did Starz Cancel Dangerous Liaisons?

Although executives at Starz had much faith behind their period drama series, sources say the team decided to axe it. A spokesman noted the show’s lack of audience as the reason. The remaining three episodes in season one will be released on schedule.

As the show was originally set up to capitalize on the legacy of both the classic tale and the classic 1980s movie that became its own classic, we’re certainly not surprised by how well it’s been received.

This might not be a big spoiler, but the premise of The Montreaux Affair is a prequel set in France, decades before the original book takes place. In addition, the series landed talent such as Alice Englert in the lead role of Camille and Nicholas Denton co-starring as Vicomte de Valmont.

The series Dangerous Liaisons did not find an audience although the premise is still liked by Starz Executives. The show has lacked the viewership it needs to stay on the air which is unfortunate because they do a lot of good work.

During the premier, the show only managed to get a 0.03 rating in their target demographic, 18-49 year olds.

Dangerous Liaisons is no longer moving forward and it’s not hard to see why. It would have been the second period drama on Sky and, following Becoming Elizabeth, is a wasted opportunity.

It’s unclear whether the new prequel will have a home on other networks but, on Starz, it was a success.

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