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Comedian Pete Davidson Pays Emotional Tribute To Late Family Dog Henry

Famous comedian Pete Davidson, renowned for his witty and unapologetic humour, recently took to Instagram to pay his respects to his family’s cherished companion, Henry, the dog. In an emotional post, Davidson opened up about Henry’s profound impact on their lives and shared heartfelt memories of their time.

The outpouring of love and appreciation from Davidson’s followers and animal enthusiasts alike is a testament to the profound connection between humans and their furry companions. Through his touching tribute, Davidson honoured his loyal friend’s life and highlighted the enduring bond between pets and their human counterparts.

He Mourns The Loss Of His Life-Saving Dog

Actor and comedian Pete Davidson is grieving the loss of his beloved dog, Henry, who died earlier this week at two. Davidson took to Instagram to share the news with his followers, revealing that Henry had fallen ill unexpectedly.

The loss has hit Davidson and his family hard, particularly since the adorable pooch had helped them through some of the most challenging moments of the COVID-19 pandemic. “My mom, sister and I got Henry at the beginning of the pandemic, and he saved our lives,” the actor explained in his post. “Not sure I’d even be around without him.”

Davidson described Henry as the “happiest and sweetest dog ever” and shared fond memories of watching his comedy with the pup. “He used to get excited when he saw me and would pee everywhere,” Davidson recalled. “When I was working at ‘SNL,’ my mom would send me videos of him watching, smiling and making noise when I came on screen.”

The “Saturday Night Live” star’s tribute to Henry has struck a chord with fans and dog lovers alike, with many taking to social media to offer their condolences. Davidson’s heart-wrenching message reminds us of the special bond between humans and their furry companions and is a tribute to the joy and comfort that pets can bring our lives.

Fans Offered Condolences In The Actor’s Post

Actor Pete Davidson recently paid tribute to his beloved dog, Henry, who passed away. In response to Davidson’s touching post on Instagram, fans have flooded in with messages of support and shared stories about the special bond between humans and their furry friends.

Many fans have expressed their condolences, highlighting how dogs are like family members and always bring joy to our lives. Others empathized with Davidson, recognizing the importance of spending quality time with pets, especially during difficult periods like the pandemic.

Davidson has been candid about his mental health struggles and Henry’s critical role in supporting him through challenging times. Although losing his furry companion has undoubtedly been problematic, the actor has been moved by his supporters’ overwhelming love and kindness.

While the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike has forced the cancellation of the upcoming episode of “Saturday Night Live,” which Davidson was set to host with Lil Uzi Vert as the musical guest, fans continue to offer unwavering support for the actor during this difficult time.

SNL’s Upcoming Pete Davidson Episode Got Cancelled

Pete Davidson’s return to Saturday Night Live will have to wait. The May 6 episode of the comedy show, set to feature Pete Davidson as host and Lil Uzi Vert as the musical guest, has been cancelled because of the Writers Guild of America strike, NBC reported. Instead, the network said on May 2 that they would show SNL reruns until further notice.

Pete, who left the show last year after eight seasons, joked earlier that he would take the cancellation personally if the writers’ strike happened. “It’s a bummer,” he told Jimmy Fallon during an April 28 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, “because it just makes me think, ‘Of course that would happen to me.'”

At that time, Pete wasn’t sure if his episode would happen, but he thought it would be “really cool” to return to his old workplace.

Pete Davidson’s emotional tribute to his late family dog Henry touched the hearts of many and highlighted the special bond between pets and their owners. Losing a pet is never easy, but allowing yourself to grieve and seek support from others is essential. Don’t you think that pets may only be in our lives for a short time, but the love and joy they bring will stay with us forever? What are your thoughts on his tribute to his dog? Share in the comments.


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