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Brian Tyree Henry Gushes About His Friendship With Jamie Lee Curtis, Texts Her “l Love You’

Brian Tyree Henry, 40 appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and shared all about his enduring friendship with 63-year-old actress Jamie Lee Curtis. The “Bullet Train” actor also gushed about his amazing friendship with the “Halloween” and was asked by Jimmy to text her and see if she’d respond right away. However, the guy waited too long for her reply. He also gave details about his new movie “Causeway” with Jennifer Lawrence. 

Jamie Is Brian’s Most Amazing Friend

Marvel’s superhero Brian Tyree Henry appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and dished about his friendship with Jamie Lee Curtis after meeting her on  Jimmy’s show previously. The Tony and Primetime Emmy nominee was reminded by Jimmy about being on the show with 63-year-old actress Jamie Lee Curtis.

“You were super excited about it,” Jimmy asked. The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse actor responded, “I still am super excited about her.” Jimmy recalled that Brian and Jamie exchanged phone numbers. He said, “So it has become a thing now, are you guys…”

The 40-year-old star interrupted and said, “It’s been one of the most amazing friendships I’ve ever uh had in my life. Thanks to you.” Jimmy mentioned that he did very little but Biran said that he did a lot. Brian confessed that after he left Jimmy’s show, Jamie texted him because she saw him on the billboard.

Texting Jamie “I Love You”

When Brian said he doesn’t text anyone, Jimmy asked him to pull out his phone and text Jamie Lee Curtis and see if she responds immediately. While texting her, Brian said, “This is the weirdest flex ever to do on yourself.” While he was texting, Jimmy joked “Ask Teller I am at the store and they’re running out of Activia,” referencing Jamie’s commercial.

Brian then decided to text: “I just want to say that I love you.” Jimmy joked, “You’re gonna get her divorced.” After this, he kept the phone aside and Jimmy again cracked a joke, and said, “Let me know if it buzzes, it just feels like an election night.” The 40-year-old star confessed that he’s gonna be particular about his phone during the whole interview.

After having a few conversations on astrology, Brian was asked again if Jamie texted him back. Brian emphasised, “It’s a single friendship.” Then they continued talking about his series “Atlanta”, whose last show aired yesterday. Jimmy expressed about the show, that it’s a “psychological/physical showdown with a wild pig basically.”

All About Causeway…

Jimmy then played a clip from Brian’s new movie “Causeway” which is available on Apple TV+. The 40-year-old actor is starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the recent American psychological drama film directed by Lila Neugebauer. Henry has received global praise for his role in the movie.

“I didn’t know before what to expect from the movie, you’re a funny guy and Jennifer Lawrence is very funny as well,” Jimmy spoke about the new movie. He also praised Henry for having fantastic chemistry with Jennifer on-screen. The movie is all about friendship, PTSD, suffering and grief.

Brian revealed that “finding a connection is what it boiled down to”, and he is always in awe of the people and places that he has come across in his career. “I am always pinching myself quite often about the projects that are being presented to me,” he explained.

He further revealed that he feels that he is just a kid from North Carolina who never really thought he’d be able to do projects like this. Well, talent speaks for itself and Brian is full of it. As for Jamie’s reply, sadly it didn’t come back, but Jimmy reminded Brian to say hello to her.

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