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BLACKPINK And Oreo Are Planning An Epic Collaboration, Including Photocards

This is a delicious collaboration between BLACKPINK and Oreo; everyone from the Blinks to the netizens will want a piece of it. This is especially true because of the packaging’s unique design and cookies.

It contains six small packages with a BLACKPINK logo right next to the Oreo logo that is displayed in a special box with a picture of a cookie crowned with a large crown.

It Is Now Possible To Taste Some Pink Oreo Cookies

In cooperation with Oreo, BLACKPINK has teamed up with the company to release some limited-edition cookies inspired by BLACKPINK. There are fans all over the internet who are eager to get their hands on these limited-edition cookies.

On Thursday, Nov. 24, an image of Cookie Monster cookies began to circulate on Twitter and Reddit, as well as on Instagram, and the packaging was designed to match the packaging of the famous K-pop group.

A rose quartz Pantone is used as the band’s iconic color, and the band’s logo is located in the upper middle of the layout, highlighting the group’s identity. A pastel pink biscuit with black creme filling in the center, instead of the iconic black and white cookie that Oreo markets globally, is displayed inside the packaging.

The Top Of The Cookie Is Decorated With A Crown That Is Printed On It

It is significant to note that BLACKPINK’s crown symbol is printed on top of the cookie, adding a special touch to this collector’s item. On the cover of BLACKPINK: THE ALBUM, a limited-edition anthology to be released in 2020, the group used the emblem for the first time.

The packs are also printed with the signature of one of the members on each one and a few other details. There are two types of cookies available on the market: the rollback type of cookies or the family size, which consists of six snack packs.

Although the pink cookies are a treat for BLINKs, this is a must-have for fans because each pack comes with a family-sized photocard, making it a must-have for any BLINKs fan. Each photo card is randomly chosen from 10 different individual or group photos, then dropped randomly.

Collaborations Between Oreo And Pop Icons Are Nothing New

Mondelez International, the maker of Oreos, has teamed up with pop icons to snazz up their product, as they have done before. For example, lady Gaga and Oreo partnered last January to spread musical messages of kindness throughout the United States as part of the Oreo-Lady Gaga campaign.

These limited-edition cookies were inspired by the singer’s Chromatica album, which featured pink biscuits and an ultra-violet vanilla-flavored creme filling inspired by the singer’s album artwork. It is also pertinent to note that the biscuits feature symbols from Lady Gaga’s album that were embossed on them.

The merger between Mondelez International and BLACKPINK has yet to be announced. However, fans in Indonesia have, in the course of a soft launch, spotted the cookie in supermarkets on Java Island as part of Mondelez International’s collaboration with BLACKPINK.

According to reports, it is expected to be available to the general public in December. It is expected to be priced between Rp 10,000 and 16,000, roughly equivalent to P40 and P60. All we can do is wait for the collaboration to occur and observe how it unfolds. Is collaboration a wise idea? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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