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Blackout 2022: Filming Locations Of The Crime Action Movie Explored

On October 12, 2022, a new crime action and adventure movie titled ‘Blackout’ was released on the streaming platform Netflix. The plot revolves around a man who has no memory.

Imagine waking up after a fatal accident to discover that a swarm of people is attempting to get something from you that you are also unaware of due to your lack of memory.

That is definitely disturbing. Cain becomes a cartel target and must fight to uncover the truth quickly.

The official synopsis reads, “Blackout will follow Cain (Duhamel), who wakes up in a Mexican hospital with no memory. After meeting Anna (Cornish), he discovers who he is but soon finds himself fighting for his life as several warring cartel factions attack him, each looking for something he has stolen.”

Blackout 2022 Filming Locations Explored

Along with the narrative, the filming location has been intriguing to the audience. On October 2020, principal photography for Blackout started in Mexico City. And wrapped up in December of the same year.

The filming took place in and around Mexico City, which is quite large. A variety of locations were used to create the amazing setting that appears in the movie. The movie is also about a Mexican guy and unlike most of the movies, it’s actually filmed in the same place too.

Mexico City, Mexico

Let’s talk about the city where a lot of filming took place. It is one of the world’s leading cities, located in the Valley of Mexico on the high Mexican central plateau.

Mexico City is the oldest capital city in the Americas, as well as one of only two founded by indigenous people. The Mexica originally constructed the city on a collection of islands in Lake Texcoco.

The production crew set up camp in the area. In terms of the hospital scene, it appears to have been shot in a real hospital in Mexico City. But it’s also possible that the team created a great visual of a real hospital in a studio.

Mexico City is also known for its Templo Mayor (a 13th-century Aztec temple), the Spanish conquistadors’ baroque Catedral Metropolitana de México, and the Palacio Nacional, which houses legendary murals by Diego Rivera.

All of these are in and around Plaza de la Constitución, the tremendous main plaza also known as the Zócalo.

According to the report, the production of the movie also followed SAG COVID-19 protocols. And it’s obvious given the fact that the filming took place at the time of the pandemic.

Blackout 2022 Cast List

The movie is directed by Sam Macaroni. A lot of individuals praised the narrative along with the ensemble. Here are the cast members that made their savage appearance.

  • Josh Duhamel as Cain
  • Abbie Cornish as Anna
  • Nick Nolte as DEA Agent Ethan McCoy
  • Omar Chaparro
  • Bárbara de Regil
  • Jose Sefami
  • Hernan Del Riego

Van B. Nguyen wrote the script for Blackout. Patriot Pictures’ Michael Mendelsohn and Jim Steele are also producers. Executive producers include Natalie Perrotta, Joe Mundo, and Santiago Garcia Galvan.

Mendelsohn’s Union Patriot Capital Management fully financed the movie, which is co-produced by Kimberly Hines.

What are your thoughts on the movie? You are welcome to drop your reviews in the comment section below.

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