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Ben Affleck’s Son Accidently Bumps Lamborghini into a Parked BMW at a Car Dealership

The ten-year-old son of Hollywood actor Ben Affleck crashed a yellow Lamborghini car into another car on Sunday. It was an accident due to him mistakenly putting it into reverse. We’ll keep you updated on the latest news. Stay with us until the end.

Samuel’s Mischief Led To The Accident

According to reports, Samuel Garner Affleck was at a luxury car rental dealership with fiancee Jennifer Lopez when he crashed the vehicle. It costs $1,475 per day to rent, and the boy hopped behind the wheel of a Urus Lamborghini. The expensive car was about to reverse when it got hit by a white BMW of a similar size.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck visited 777 Exotics, a Los Angeles rental car company, with son Samuel Garner Affleck. As they looked at different cars, Ben let Samuel hop into the driver’s seat of a yellow Lamborghini.

Samuel must have started the engine, or someone else did. It seems the Lambo made contact with the white BMW when the boy reversed the car.

On the passenger side, the rear bumper of the Lambo seems to have made contact with the BMW’s front wheel and possibly the fender.

Inspecting the back of the Lambo for possible damage, Sam jumped out of the Lambo.

There Were No Serious Damages

It was reported that In addition to the front wheel, the Lamborghini’s bumper apparently touched the BMW’s fender. The bumpers of both cars prevented significant damage, and it was only a slight dent without anyone being injured or even in danger.

Even Mr. Affleck’s son got out of the vehicle after hitting the car to see what he had done. As well as checking for damage, he also came back to his son to give him some comfort after the incident.

When contacted by 777 Exotics, an employee made everyone understand that the cars in the lot were parked close together. In the car, Samuel felt it jerk from side to side. The parking lot was small, and the cars were close together. Moreover, the employee stated that nobody got injured and there were no heavy clashes between the parties.

With Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck has a son, Samuel Garner Affleck

Born on 27 February 2012, Samuel Garner Affleck owes his fame primarily because he is the son of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner while they were married. Their only son together and youngest child.

Ben Affleck, estimated to be worth over $130 million, benefits from his net worth, while his mother, who owns a net worth of over $60 million, benefits from hers as well.

In 2009, Affleck and Garner had a daughter named Seraphina, and three years later, she let him know that once again she was pregnant. Ben expressed that he wanted to have a son, and Samuel was born in 2012. Their relationship was delicate for the next three years, though problems began to rise ultimately. Their relationship was also suffering due to Affleck’s addiction to alcoholism and their work as actors.

The couple, who publicized their separation in 2015, remained in the same home, in a guesthouse, to co-parent their children.



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