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The ATX TV Festival Announced “Euphoria” Star Sydney Sweeney as Breakthrough Award Winner

Looks like this year’s ATX TV Festival is going to be rooting for our very own Cassie Howard. ATX TV Festival, the annual event in Texas celebrates the film and shows from all genres in the TV industry.

If you consider yourself a television cinephile, you better gear up for the ATX Television Festival. This year’s nominations and winners have sparked the internet with the diversity of roles and performances from across the globe barring languages and cultures. 

The festival’s highlight consists of a few awards including the Breakthrough Award. And the festival has decided on “Euphoria” actor Sydney Sweeney as their Breakthrough Actor for 2022. Here’s everything you should know.

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney to receive Breakthrough Award at ATX TV Festival

The ATX TV Festival has announced the star from “White Lotus” Sydney Sweeney as the winner of 2022’s ATX TV Festival’s Breakthrough actor category.  The 24 year old “Euphoria” actress will be attending the festival which will take place in Texas in June. 

According to a few sources, ATX TV Festival’s Co-founder Caitlin McFarland has described the breakthrough actor award category as someone who has had a breakthrough moment in their career. Getting noticed by the audience and making such noise with their work that they get the appreciation like never before. 

She commenced on Sydney saying that the committee could not think of anyone other than Sydney Sweeney who has dominated the circle like that in the past year. 

She also added that the ATX TV Festival is going to take place in person after three years and celebrating Sydney Sweeney as the star of the event will be a poetic moment.

Fans have started jumping in the air after the announcement. Some are rooting for her brilliance as “Cassie” from the Euphoria and some are manifesting that the Emmy is the next on her list. 

What is ATX TV Festival?

ATX Television Festival is the first festival of its kind that is dedicated to television’s past, present and future. The festival works to serve both the fan fields and industry creators equally by giving them the opportunity to discuss and celebrate TV from all walks.

The festival runs hosting panels, screenings and events that feature actors, writers, directors, etc. right from golden shows, to the current shows and the forthcoming series. 

The festival is a celebration of all things television including old shows, new shows, canceled shows, and even pilot episodes that didn’t make it to the TV. It’s the dream of any cinephile. 

The festival is a four-day binge-watching marathon with special guests and panels about classic shows, cult favorites, and current hits. Guests from over 100 different shows have participated in the festival since its first successful event night. 

The ATX TV Festival 2022 is going to premiere from June 2nd to 5th in Austin, Texas. 

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