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Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies Reunite for a Vacay; See Pictures

Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande are all about “friendship goals”. Despite speculations of their broken friendship, the two were spotted having quality time together. The Dynasty star and Stuck With You singer are known for their roles in Victorious (2010).

Gillies-Grande Reunion

Elizabeth Gillies took to Instagram and expressed her happiness about meeting her long-lost friend Ariana after two and half years. No, “TWO AND A HALF YEARS” actually. Her bold caption reveals how elated she feels.

Not only this, but Ariana Grande also posted some stories from her vacation with Gillies. Her stories can be found on her Instagram wherein the two are seen having a good time. yes, Ariana’s Instagram stories are all about Elizabeth.

About the girls’ day out

Elizabeth also took to Instagram to repost stories about Ariana Grande. The two can be seen having a great time. We don’t know yet where the stars are. But I can tell you what the two are up to.

Ariana and Liz are having a private time together in some resort. Her story reveals that the two are in a gipsy and are lost in the wilderness. Lavish breakfast, wild safari, gazing at the skies, archery sessions, you name it. Seems like the two are compensating for the time apart.

We didn’t know that Liz is professional when it comes to archery. Her Instagram post reveals that she got a bull’s eye. She got good hands on her bow. After their time in the wild, the two were seen doing a Karaoke session. Not kidding, Liz is an excellent singer too.

Why the separation

The Victorious stars are really good friends. However, Liz turned down Ariana’s secret wedding to Dalton Holmes. There were speculations if the two have broken up but Gillies cleared the air by saying:

“I could not get off of work to go to her wedding because we would have to be cleared for like seven days to fly. So not only could I not tell anybody, but I also couldn’t even ask for the day off and I couldn’t get the day off.” 

Well, Gillies was shooting for Dynasty and couldn’t make it to Ariana’s special day. However, Liz herself got married in 2020 but the guest list was constrained to 20 people due to Covid-19 restrictions.

So yes, it was only work that kept these two friends apart for so long. Now, they seem to be having the best time of their life together.

The friendship is not new

Ariana and Liz did not meet on the set of Victorious. They have been friends even before that. Both were Broadway kids and met while performing the musical “13”. It was Victorious that brought the two stars closer.

You may not know this but Liz lived with Ariana at her mom’s house for a while. They got their driving license together and performed live streams together. Phew, they even lip-locked. Ariana is a legendary singer and Elizabeth is also focused on her career.

Career is the only reason that has kept the two friends apart. Nothing else. Do you think it is more than friendship? Let me know your thoughts.

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