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Andy Cohen Congratulates His Dad On His 90th Birthday

My sincere congratulations to you on your birthday, Mr. Lou, and I wish you a happy new year ahead!

Andy Cohen’s handsome dad celebrated his 90th birthday on Friday, and the Bravo star shared a sweet social media post to commemorate the special occasion. The position can be seen below.

On Instagram, Andy Wishes His Dad A Happy Birthday

The famous TV host has recently wished his dad using his social media. Cohen posted a sweet birthday message to his dad. The caption to the post reads, “My Dad is 90 today!! 💥 Happy Birthday, Mr. Lou! He is a great role model, kind, calm, fair, flirty, and smart! Share some love in the comments”.

It has recently been reported that the well-known TV host used his social media to wish his father’s birthday. As part of his birthday message to his dad, Cohen posted a sweet message on Instagram. The caption to the post reads, “My dad is 90 today!! 💥 Happy Birthday, Mr. Lou! He is a great role model, kind, calm, fair, flirty, and smart! Share some love in the comments”.

The birthday message was also accompanied by a carousel of pictures that Cohen shared along with the news. It is fantastic to see Mr. Lou dressed up in a black suit for his 90th birthday and looking fabulous. In other photographs, we can see him smiling with family members as he poses for the camera.

The Parents Of Andy Cohen: Who Are They?

Cohen was born in 1968 in Missouri to Evelyn and Lou Cohen. As an intern and later a producer at CBS News, Andy graduated from Clayton High School and attended Boston University. It helped Andy form an even stronger bond with his mom when he came out in the ’80s.

As Andy does, Evelyn has a great sense of humor, which is much like Andy’s. During the emotional moment, she made an unforgettably profound statement that stuck with him despite all the years that have passed since then. I want to point out that Evelyn is very humorous, much like Andy. During this emotional moment, she made a remarkable statement that has stayed with him for many years.

Having Evelyn and Lou in his corner as he strives to make a career out of appearing in front of the camera, he knew they were also rooting for his success. As the executive producer and host of numerous shows on Bravo in the early 2000s, he became a trendy face on the network. Over the years, he has even made many cameo appearances on Watch What Happens Live with his parents.

A fun game that Evelyn and Lou played on the show in July 2021 involved them reciting iconic lines from the Real Housewives franchise that they gained fame for over the years. On the show, the Cohen family had fans laughing their heads off.

All About Andy Cohen

In addition to hosting TV talk shows and radio shows, Cohen has written books and produced films. As an intern at CBS News, he later worked as a producer for CBS shows ‘The Early Show,’ ‘CBS This Morning,’ and ’48 Hours.’ Then, as executive vice president of development and talent at Trio, he became part of the network when Bravo bought it.

The late-night talk show ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen is based on pop culture, and he serves as its host and executive producer. He launched a channel called ‘Radio Andy’ on ‘SiriusXM Radio,’ hosting ‘Andy Cohen’s Deep & Shallow’ and ‘Andy Cohen Live.’ In addition, Cohen served as an executive producer on ‘Top Chef,’ a reality competition television series that won an Emmy, and ‘The N-Word, a documentary that won a Peabody Award.

Because it is Mr. Lou’s birthday, let us take the time to wish him a pleasant birthday. Please show your love in the comments.

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