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Amanda Bynes Finally Out Of Hospital After Being Hospitalised For Roaming On Streets

America’s beloved child star, Amanda Bynes was released from California mental hospital following her psychotic episode. The “All That” star will reportedly return to her home in Southern California, and will work with doctors and specialists, to begin with, outpatient treatment.

Amanda Bynes To Undergo Outpatient Treatment

Amanda Bynes, who made headlines owing to her conservatorship battles and mental health issues, was finally released from the facility following her psychotic episode. The 37-year-old actress was discharged on Monday (April 10) after being cleared by the medical staff. Bynes will be taking up her outpatient treatment hereon.

Bynes, who was resisting leaving the facility after running naked on the street, will remain in her house in an effort to maintain her independence. The news comes after Bynes, who was America’s beloved child star in the 90s, wasn’t being “forced to stay” at the mental facility but didn’t feel “ready to leave” yet.”

“Those around her are already formulating a plan to make sure she stays on the right path,” the report read. Prior to the incident, she had been living on her own following nine years of conservatorship. Amanda’s parents filed for the same in 2013 after she started a fire in a stranger’s driveway in California.

What Happened To Amanda Bynes?

In March, Amanda Bynes was admitted to a mental facility after she was allegedly found wandering naked on the streets of Los Angeles. An eyewitness reported that the Easy A star flagged down a car and told the driver that she was “coming down” from having a psychotic episode. It came out that she called 911 herself.

Last year in Feb 2020, Bynes updated on Instagram that she no longer needs a conservator. Her mother, however, filed a status report in July 2021 after which the judge decided to extend conservatorship till March 8, 2023, after thoroughly reviewing her documents.

Her lawyer reportedly defended the court’s judgment by saying, “Her conservatorship is not extended through March 2023. It is open day to day.” He further mentioned, “A status report regarding her health and welfare was recently filed and approved by the court. By law, the next status report is due in two years. Her conservatorship will terminate when it is no longer convenient for Amanda.”

Amanda, who previously tweeted about her bipolar diagnosis and drug usage, saw light after her conservatorship ended last month. But then, she underwent another psychotic episode following which she was placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold. This was later extended.

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