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Altered Carbon Season 3: The Reason Behind Cancelation

Do you believe it? After two seasons, the cyberpunk show was canceled, and it still feels like a nightmare. Okay, let’s speak about Altered Carbon.

More than 300 years in the future, modern technology has altered civilization, allowing people’s beings to be interchangeable and death to no longer be everlasting.

Takeshi Kovacs is the sole survivor of an elitist group of interstellar fighters who were destroyed in a rebellion against the new world order.

His consciousness has been confined for generations until Laurens Bancroft, an incredibly wealthy businessman, grants him the opportunity to live anew.

Kovacs, on the other hand, will have to do something for Bancroft if he wants to be resurrected. Kovacs has been asked by Bancroft to solve a murder – Bancroft’s.

‘Altered Carbon’ Cancelled By Netflix After Two Seasons

We still don’t believe it but okay. Despite receiving positive feedback from the show’s audience, Netflix initially canceled it. And the main reason is that the show’s viewership numbers were insufficient to justify the expense.

According to a source, the end was signaled by “unexpected budget increases” due to the pandemic, “uncertainty” regarding air dates, and the difficulty of handling large casts in the present climate.

Surprisingly, the show was scheduled to be canceled in April, the same month as The Society was terminated.

Netflix is notorious for taking its time renewing or canceling series, and it appears that after a long wait, Altered Carbon supporters did not receive positive news.

Altered Carbon Had Bigger Budget Than Game Of Thrones

Yes, that may sound surprising but it’s the truth.

According to reports, the show was the most extravagant Netflix production to date. The production costs were not revealed, however, Kinnaman stated that it had a “bigger budget than Game of Thrones’ first three seasons.”

Later something else came to light.

Netflix canceled the series after two seasons on August 26, 2020. The decision was taken in April and was unrelated to COVID-19.

But rather a consequence of Netflix’s usual approach for calculating viewership versus renewal expenses.

Will Yun Lee, who portrayed an earlier version of Kovacs, shared his memories of the show on Twitter.

The series makes references to various prior cyberpunk masterpieces, such as Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell, as well as works of literature, such as Edgar Allan Poe’s writings.

Altered Carbon’s Is One Of The Most-Liked Show

Yes, it’s no doubt that individuals love watching this show. And looks like even after the cancellation viewers are still watching it.

After the show has been canceled, re-watching it is the best alternative.

Definitely disappointed that the show is canceled.

We join in on the disappointment.

Neither did we.

Definitely a must-see show.

Before ending the piece, check out the comment section of this post mentioned below. Spectators literally flooded the comment area with Season 3’s demand.

We understand that many people were unaware of this news, and if you were looking forward to the renewal, you now know about the cancellation.

What are your thoughts on the outcome that’s been made? We understand the disappointment with the cancelation. Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. What a shame to cancel it. The show is phenomenal in so many ways, the characters, storyline, action, drama, and the scfi was next level. Truly disappointed and at least hope for some kind of spinoff.

  2. Not a lot of comments here, but I think it speaks volumes that there are still plenty of us diehard fans still checking back and praying, fingers crossed. At least, don’t just leave us hanging. There’s been a few sci-fi series on par with Altered Carbon but none better.

  3. Literally one of the best shows ever made. If production is too much hire less costly actors. Joel Kinnaman was amazing but that’s the best thing about sleeves you can recast anyone without pissing off you audience

  4. Saw a different article that said the show was revived. Devastated all over again that it was clickbait. Fantastic show. I recommend it all the time.

  5. If Netflix has an equation why not just have an explicit number for it’s production cost and work that number to build viewership. Seems unsustainable to do it the way they are presently.

  6. Sci-Fi that falls naturally from Phillip K. Dick’s worldview . . . beautiful graphics, sets, costumes, well developed characters – FEMALE characters worth watching.
    And the ending of Season 2 is satisfying . . . we’re not left hanging . . .
    Thank you Netflix for your support of this great show.
    And eventually, it will turn a profit in reruns.

  7. I want Joel back! I love Anthony Mackie, but I fell in love with the show because of Joel Kinnaman. PLEASSSSSSEEEE bring this show back!

  8. This is why no one is renewing there membership and why Disney is number one because they brought the price up so high and let people share so one membership can be used through teh different households. You guys were the best and because you keep stopping your best shows that’s why people will not come back. This was one of the best for sure just sad that Netflix can’t realize how to run there company right and that why there loosing all there streamers. Anyway hope you get a new ceo or who ever is in charge you really need to take a step back and think cause you really don’t seem to know what your doing making all these b shows and taking all the A shows off that is why no one will come back. Butt hey don’t listen To the people we are just the ones watching you fail epicly! Really is a shame!

  9. It’s a shame that Netflix is canceling programs that are watched by adult subscribers and pandering with animation for children in juveniles in their lineup especially when they’re increasing the price for shows that are being watched less or reruns they can be on many other subscriptions at a much cheaper price whoever is in charge is definitely not considering it’s a subscribers personally if I wanted cartoons I subscribe to Disney at 3rd the price


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