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Actor & Rapper, Ice Cube Denied for COVID-19 Vaccine and Walked Out of ‘Oh Hell No’

$9 Million Payday since Ice Cube called it quits? Someone is having a rough day!

Rapper and Actor, Ice Cube, has decided to drop of Oh Hell No, the upcoming Sony comedy.


Ice Cube simply said ”No” to the Covid-19 vaccine. This not only departed Ice Cube from the show but he lost his chance to star opposite Jack Black, his co-star in the show.

Moreover, Sony politely declined to comment on the subject. Ice Cube’s personal representative and agency WME also denied commenting. In addition to these, the producer and co-lead of Oh Hell No, Jack Black, and Matt Tolmack, issued no comments whatsoever.

Producers are now looking for a replacement as soon as they can to resume the production of the movie. In the director seat is Kitao Sakurai.

Ice Cube’s Hard Pass to Covid-19 Vaccine!

The partnership of Ice Cube and Black dates back to June when the duo got together.

The shooting was supposed to take place in Hawaii, this winter. During the same time, Black suffered an injury while he was filming for an episode. Before it went any further, the producers of Oh Hell No requested how they need every cast member should be ”vaccinated”

Since the search for a replacement continues for Ice Cube who walked off leaving a $9 Million Payday.

Well, Ice Cube has always been conscious of the Covid protocols. He is always seen wearing a mask amid the audience in public. In addition, Ice Cube also gathered praise for donating 2,000 face masks to Bacone College in Oklahoma in August.

Also, during the lockdown, he also introduced the world to T-Shirts that read ”Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self” and could see him wearing a mask.

In recent times, this is Ice Cube’s second attempt to drop out of an ongoing project. He was also to be a part of Flint, a boxing movie. Currently, he is not a part of it. The reasons, whatsoever for his exit, weren’t clear.

Vaccination in Hollywood projects has been an issue for quite some time now. The cast and crew for almost all of the Hollywood projects need to be vaccinated.

A contract between the guilds and studio has circulated which gives the producers the option to “to implement mandatory vaccination policies for casts and crew in Zone A”  — “on a production-by-production basis.”

This just got interesting and it will be fun to see a replacement for Ice Cube.

Arpita Roy
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  1. Glad he had a choice. Oh hell no he did not. The vax Nazis went full out to destroy everybody that doesn’t cave to their demands and unlawful mandates. Choice is all part of freedom.

  2. The anti-vaxers are the Hitler want to bees. This vaccine has been studied for 3 decades that’s 30 years & more. With the help of electron microscopes. Everyone who goes to school in America gets many different vaccines or they can’t go. This is just a bunch of crybabies prolonging the pandemic. Republicans want all the weakest people (like Hitler did to the Jews) exterminated. So they don’t have to help fellow Americans. So republicans can give the rich more taxcuts. You anti- giving money to help people is for all to see.

    • And you miss the point. The point is that it is not an anti or pro vax/mask/mandate. The point is that this Great Nation was founded on choice. Mandates remove that freedom. If don’t like your freedom, that’s fine. It’s your choice. I do like my freedom and will fight to the end to protect it.

          • The longer a virus like this floats around the greater chance it evolves into something more virulent, more resistant, and more deadly. Your rights stop at the body of others. We live in a society and what our neighbors do affect us.

      • Everything is about freedom of choice. You have the freedom to choose whether or not to protect yourself and those around you from a deadly virus. Business has the freedom to create whatever policy works for them. You get to choose if that works for you and if it doesn’t then you take your business or form of employment elsewhere. Your choice.

    • The current Corona virus vaccines have not been studied for 3 decades. Smh.. the type of vaccines that they are have been. However the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are fairly new and there gas only been one other approved vaccine made using mrna. Plus not everyone that’s not getting vaccinated is a anti vaxxer. It’s people like you that are driving a wedge between people in the country. Before you say anything I am vaccinated and have received a booster. I firmly believe in one’s freedom to choose what to do with their health. Especially since even if your vaccinated you can still catch and spread covid, and still die. My opinion is more people would get the vaccine over time once it’s been out longer and nor being forced to get a vaccine that has only been truly studied for 2 years, that info on the side effects and effectiveness of them change weekly and the manufacturers are legally not liable for any serious side effects. I can understand some people not wanting it. Or wanting it yet. Now I do agree the just being anti Vax is stupid, but you can’t put everyone not wanting to get it on the same ‘oh they are idiot anti vaxxers’ group. Getting a vaccine should be a private discussion between a person and their doctor. These vaccines have become so political that that alone has people weary of it. It’s crazy.

      • You see the situation with unbias eyes and it was refreshing to read. I agree with everything you said. The decision CAN be made with your doctor of course, although many doctors have become part of the problem. Many are not up front about the side effects and some go as far as refusing to provide the manufacturers warning label upon request by their patients. That’s a recipe for conspiracy theories to bloom. As you stated, government imposed liability immunity, does not help win over any fans to the pro mandate side.
        Personally, I’d like to see more of the evidence about the effects based on blood type. It seemed quite obvious, early on, that data from scientists worldwide, showed that the O, especially O neg, blood type had a much lower chance of contracting the virus as well as a lower chance of developing serious complications. The virus attaches to the antergins on the blood cells. Less antergins = higher viral load needed for infection. Studies showed it and it seems to be the case, based upon the many O negs among my family and servals others that I am aquatinted with. Caregivers with direct exposures to elderly infected individuals in fairly confined quarters, over multiple days, yet no infection for my 48 year cousin, or 76 year old mother. One O neg. friend, a 52 year old full time caregiver was asymptomatic.
        I’m curious as to what your thoughts are about this and why the coverage of this apparant scientific phenomenon.

    • You are just 1 of the sheep being led to the slaughter. This vaccine has NOT been studied for 3 decades. Do your own research or are you to stupid?

    • If’ Republicans wanted ppl to die, they would be pushing this vaccine hard and want mandates! We just want freedom of choice! These vaccines help nothing. Haven’t you heard about the place that is over 90% vaccinated thatis now having a major outbreak with higher numbers than before the vaccine. Deaths rising and hospitals full of vaccinated ppl. Sorry we just see what’s happening instead of just blindly following

  3. I’m really happy he said no people need to stop believing what our government says and listen to the truth. The vaccine has side effects and people are dying even after getting it.

  4. Trevor 30 years in making? No way. But they did start making it about a year before the poison came out. That I do know. Isn’t a one timer either bcuz they don’t know what they are dealing with.

    • Here…let me break it down so you all can stop being confused…

      1980s:fundamental research was designed to better understand how lipids work.
      1990s : Dr. Katalin Karikó, spends a decade studying RNA to unlock its potential for use in medicine.
      1995: Dr. Pieter Cullis use lipid nanoparticles for gene therapy drugs that use nucleic acids (like RNA).The lipid nanoparticles form a protective bubble around the medicine so that it can be delivered to cells safely and effectively.
      2005: They figured out how to make synthetic RNA safe for injection into cells.
      2007:Dr. Derrick Rossi, a Canadian stem cell scientist build on the work of all the other doctors in 2009, his lab uses mRNA to make adult cells function like embryonic stem cells. This big news leads to the creation of Moderna in 2010. (Fun fact Moderna stands for Modern RNA
      Let’s keep going
      2010:vaccines that could use mRNA + lipid nanoparticles. leads to collaborations with BioNTech and Pfizer.
      2014: During SARS and MERS the other corona biggies study these coronaviruses, including the signature “spike protein” and the role it could play in vaccine development.
      2019: COVID detected
      2020:Complete genetic sequence of novel coronavirus published and shared with scientists around the world. Then ….
      Originally focused on Zika and influenza, Drs. Cullis, Weissman, and Karikó halt other projects to focus on SARS-CoV-2 and develop a COVID-19 vaccine using mRNA and lipid nanoparticles

      And that’s how we got the vaccine. It was not rushed, it didn’t just appear, a huge amount of research went into it. And yes 30 years of research and Drs from all over the world.

      You all say you do your research …anyhoo, there’s a timeline, Ps. We are in a health crisis. And Life coming before liberty is not an accident.


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