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’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Loren Brovarnik is Pregnant, Couple Expecting Third Child

“90 Day Fiancé”  star Loren Brovarnik is expecting a third child with Alexi Brovarnik, her husband, only eight months after they welcomed their second child together.

Breaking the Pregnancy News

The TLS stars announced their pregnancy news on Friday by sharing an adorable family picture of them along with their 2-year-old son Shai and 8-month-old son Asher on Instagram.

The couple captioned the picture “Happy Early Mother’s Day.” The picture featured a photo of Loren’s burgeoning bump as well, hence announcing that the third baby is on the way.

“We are so excited to finally say that baby #3 is on its way!” they continued. “We are going to wait to see if it’s a girl or a boy, either way we are so overjoyed! Life will be crazy with 3 under 3, but we can’t wait to meet you this fall, BabyB!”  The caption surely indicates their excitement.

Loren and Alexi

Loren and Alexi made their first appearance in 2014’s season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé,  the two met in Israel on a Birthright trip and now the stars are in the spin-off of Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days.

On the show, the couple openly disagrees with the number of kids they want to have, with Alexi saying he wants ‘four total’ and Loren saying that “The only way I would consider four kids is if by some miracle, the next time we try, it’s twins.”

Alexi, 33, while on the show planned to propose to Loren and move to the United States. The couple welcomed their sons Asher and Shai amidst the pandemic.

“Wow! And just like that, we’re a family of four! It’s so surreal,” the Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days, stars told Us at the time. “We are so excited to bring Babyboten [Asher’s nickname amid Loren’s pregnancy] home and see Shai being the best big brother!”

Loren also shared about her second son, Asher who was born premature and had to be admitted to the NICU. “It’s an experience I’ll never forget and I have a whole new respect for people who go through it,” she told back in January.

Loren’s Reaction to her Pregnancy

In an interview, Loren shared how her latest pregnancy was “quite a shock to say the least,” adding, “While we’re entering a whole new chapter, I’m very excited. … I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified, I am. But nothing we can’t handle.”

While Alexi’s take on the third pregnancy was that he is feeling both “excited and scared,” agreeing that having “three kids under the age of 3 is no joke.”

When the couple shared the news with their fans and following many of the 90 Day co-stars supported them and commented on their post “Omg, congratulations I’m so very happy for you guys,” wrote Debbie Johnson. “Can’t wait to find out if it’s a girl or a boy. Take it easy and have a fantastic Mother’s Day.” Anny Francisco added, “You are a [blessed] woman, congratulations I love [your] family,” while Libby Potthast celebrated, “Aahhhh preggers twinzies!!!!”

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