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365 Days: This Day Astonishing Filming Locations

Netflix dropped its new movie 365 days, which is a sequel to 365 DNI on 27th April. The movie indeed has a huge audience that was eagerly waiting for the sequel.

This is because who doesn’t love romance and erotic stories when it comes to fantasies. The actors Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka were hot with chemistry in both the movies.

The movie is so steamy but what makes it more eye appealing is the location and the spot where the movie was filmed. There can be spoilers ahead but the movie has doubled the romance and the locations are alluring for the viewers.

365 Days: This Day Filming Location Will Astonish You

The movie was mainly shot in two places, Italy and Poland. As the character, Laura belongs from Poland and her counterpart Massimo from Sicily. Let’s go through every location bit by bit and have some fun.

The Wedding

Worth mentioning the place. The first scene of the movie is shot in Mazowieckie, Poland. The wedding was enormous and dreamy like every couple’s dream.

The region is low lying and is surrounded by 4 rivers, The region has stable weather and beautiful tourist spots to explore. 365 Days:

This Day could have been filmed in All Saints’ Church. The crew or the makers haven’t really mentioned the exact filming locations but can always do some digging.

Warsaw, Poland

The city stands on the river Vistula in eastern central Poland and is the capital of Mazowieckie. The metropolitan city. The old town, River areas, panoramic view, and the spring season for a visit.

The city has massive churches, museums, and heritage sites that are used as filming locations. Like every country and state, Warsaw is famous for its Polish restaurants. That serves authentic food and dreamy locations that are quite peaceful says most of the tourists who visit frequently.

Blanka Lipinski the author of the 365 series has posted how excited she was to movie the remaining part of the story.

And now that part 2 has come out, soon will watch part 3 The next 365 Days as the production house filmed both the movies back to back.


The island in the mediterranean sea and the ‘tip area’ of Italy is nothing but surrounded by beautiful beaches and hilly areas which is a great combination for tourists as you can have a great view of the sea from anywhere you present.

The character Massimo is an Italian don who is from Sicily. The production house mentioned the first few scenes of the movie were filmed in Warsaw and later moved to Italy because of the character Massimo.

The Island is famous for its charming villages, they have kept their ancient architecture and monuments that makes it alluring for the tourist. The heavenly place has a lot to offer ‘romance’.

The movie has not only one but three handsome gentlemen that are looking to ruin Massimo. Laura and Marcello stayed together and spent their time on the beaches surfing on the isolated beaches of Italy.

Bidderosa, Sardinia

The secluded and most beautiful beaches of Italy with thriving sightings can be one of the locations where Laura and Marcelo spent their time surfing.

Monastery Of San Nicolò l’Arena

Baroque architectural style, This massive white abbey is the second-largest Benedictine monastery in Europe. It’s open to tourists and it captures not only your eyes but your heart with its beauty.

The last scene where everyone meets together is a literal shootout scene. The monastery is quite similar to San Nicolo.

What do you think about these locations? They definitely look alluring, right? You’re always welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Wedding exterior scene was filmed at Cathedral of Saint Anthony Abbott (Cattedrale di Sant’Antonio Abate), Castelsardo, Sardinia, Italy


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