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13 South Asian-Owned Makeup Brands to Follow

By Anvita Reddy 

South Asians have continuously broken glass ceilings in the beauty world, from booking coveted campaigns to becoming some of the most well-known influencers and makeup artists.

Farah Dukhai, Deepica MutyalaNabela Noor, Sharifa Easmin are only few of the many, many influencers and makeup artists of South Asian descent who are carving their own niche in this industry, in turn opening up more doors for us.

In fact, there are multiple brands and products in the market that are created by South Asians. Here are 13 makeup and cosmetics brands you should know about.

Star Struck is Sunny Leone’s new cosmetics brand that currently houses lip products such as lipsticks and lip liners. Get that pout on, y’all.

“From being an ex-premed student to creating content for HerCampus and Spoon University, Anvita Reddy is breaking the South Asian norms and pursuing her passions. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Communications and Media and she is the Social Media Coordinator at MannMukti. She can also be found binge watching all things Bollywood and Hollywood. As an avid beauty and fashion junkie, she is often researching skincare on PubMed or at Sephora swatching her heart out. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.”



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