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10 Best Greek Mythology Movies to Watch in 2022

It’s actually quite intriguing to read about Greek mythology.¬†

Greek mythology is the collection of myths originally recounted by the Greeks, as well as a genre of Greek folklore. But what about a Greek mythology movie?

That’s almost like a bonus for the spectators. Many people have been looking for cinematic masterpieces that are inspired by Greek mythology, and there are not just a few, but several.

For decades, Greek mythology has influenced Hollywood, culminating in a slew of fantasy films about legendary heroes, gods, and ancient monsters.

Let’s take a look at some of the most well-known movies that are unquestionably binge-worthy.

10 Best Greek Mythology Movies That’s Definitely Binge-Worthy

Here’s a list of a total of 10 Best Greek Mythology movies that you don’t want to miss out on. If you’ve been looking for movies like this, here’s your sign to binge-watch it.

1. The Odyssey (1997)

Let’s start with the best fantasy masterpiece. Odysseus, the courageous king, flees his beautiful life in the country of Ithaca to participate in the Trojan War.

After winning the war, Odysseus must now face a ten-year odyssey to homecoming. Overcoming dangerous monsters, tremendous natural forces, tempting enchantresses, and even journeying into the bowels of the Underworld.

The Odyssey was filmed in Malta, Turkey, in sections of England, and many other locations in the Mediterranean, where the story takes place.

If you’re thinking to start a Greek Mythology movie, The Odyssey is definitely the one for you.

2. Clash Of The Titans (1981)

This movie is unquestionably part of a comprehensive collection of Greek mythology.

Perseus, Zeus’ mortal son, falls in love with Princess Andromeda. And is required to overcome a succession of supernatural challenges in order to win her hand.

Along the trip, he encounters a slew of supernatural creatures, and the whole journey is filled with excitement. And that definitely adds to the movie’s allure.

The name of the movie is itself intriguing. Clash Of The Titans was released on June 12, 1981, and grossed $41 million at the North American box office, which made it the 11th-highest-grossing movie of the year.

There’s another version of the movie, but this original version is iconic.

3. Jason And The Argonauts (1963)

Jason And The Argonauts is an intriguing movie. The storyline will definitely have your attention. Jason, a young man on the hunt for the mythical Golden Fleece, embarks on an adventure alongside a handful of Greece’s strongest warriors.

The adventurers face a hydra, a few harpies, and a skeleton army on their treacherous trek. The movie was created in collaboration with stop-motion animation master Ray Harryhausen and was shot in Eastman Color.

It is recognized for its various legendary creatures, most notably the iconic fight spectacle showcasing seven skeleton warriors.

Despite being a box office flop upon its initial release, the movie was critically acclaimed and went on to become a cult classic.

And it’s currently regarded as one of the best Greek Mythology movies.

4. 300 (2006)

Okay, wow. The title itself suggests what’s going to happen. King Leonidas and 300 Spartans fought against Xerxes and his enormous Persian army in the ancient battle of Thermopylae.

When a Spartan reject betrays them, they confront insurmountable odds. Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey) attempts to garner Spartan support for her husband while the conflict rages on.

Various magical creatures are presented by this narrative method, putting 300 in the historical fantasy genre. To mimic the visuals of the original comic book, it was largely shot using a superimposition chroma key technique.

On March 7, 2014, a sequel titled Rise of an Empire was released, based on Miller’s previously unreleased graphic novel prequel Xerxes.

5. Helen Of Troy (1924)

The movie was inspired by Homer’s poem The Iliad. It was split into two parts: The Rape of Helen and The Fall of Troy.

Helen of Troy, also recognized as Helen of Sparta or simply Helen, was said to be the most beautiful woman in the world.

She was married to King Menelaus of Sparta but eloped with Prince Paris of Troy, sparking the Trojan War when the Achaeans set out to recapture her and return her to Sparta.

She was said to be the daughter of Zeus and Leda, as well as the sister of Clytemnestra, Castor, and Polydeuces.

The movie has been referred to be Noa’s ‘masterpiece,’ despite the fact that it was so costly that it severely harmed the studio’s finances.

6. Troy (2004)

After having an affair with Menelaus’ wife, Helen, Paris, a Trojan prince, decides to take her with him. Later, Menelaus’ brother uses this as a justification to declare war against Troy.

Let’s have a brief overview. The year is 1250 B.C., and it is the late Bronze Age.

After Paris, the Trojan prince, persuades Helen, Queen of Sparta, to abandon her husband, Menelaus, and travel with him back to Troy, two growing nations conflict.

When Menelaus learns that his wife has been kidnapped by the Trojans, he approaches his brother Agamemnon for assistance in reclaiming her. Agamemnon sees this as a chance to gain power.

So they set off for Troy with 1,000 ships carrying 50,000 Greeks. In this adaptation of Homer’s classic “The Iliad,” the entire movie portrays their combat difficulties and the foreshadowing of destiny.

7. Hercules (1983)

The story is based on Greek mythology and recounts Hercules’ adventures. Ferrigno made his appearance in the sequel, The Adventures of Hercules, released in 1985.

The plot centers around Zeus’ decision to dispatch Hercules to assist humans in their search for the seven great thunderbolts stolen by the rebel Gods.

Will Hercules be able to defeat the monsters in the battle for the thunderbolts? Well, you will discover that after watching the movie.

8. The Trojan Women (1971)

Another must-see movie. Following the Trojan Wars, Queen Hecuba (Katharine Hepburn) surveys the vanquished realm.

Her son has been murdered, leaving his widow, Andromache (Vanessa Redgrave), to raise their son, Astyanax (Alberto Sanz), alone.

Cassandra (Genevi√®ve Bujold), Hecuba’s daughter, worries about being imprisoned by her Greek rulers, while Helen of Troy (Irene Papas) fears being executed.

As the last male heir of the Trojan royal dynasty, Astyanax attracts the attention of the Greeks.

9. Immortals (2011)

The name suggests ‘Immortals’, but it gets more interesting when you will read the narrative. Eons after the Gods won their mythological war against the Titans, a new villain approaches the land.

Mad with control, King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) has launched a war against humanity. Theseus, a mortal man, is entrusted by the gods to combat King Hyperion. A terrible ruler who is breaking Greece apart in his pursuit of a mythical weapon called the Epirus Bow.

One hero will lead the rebellion or watch his homeland crumble into destruction and his Gods disappear into legend. The movie sounds quite interesting.

10. Oedipus The King (1968)

Last but not least, there is Oedipus the King. In Sophocles’ tragedy, an oracle predicts that the Theban king (Christopher Plummer) will murder his father and dishonor his mother (Lilli Palmer).

This traditional (Greek) story relates how a noble youth unintentionally marries his own mother, kills his own father (on deliberately), and pays a terrible price for provoking the Gods’ anger.

Those were the masterpieces that everyone should see if they’re considering watching a Greek mythology movie.

If you have any further movie suggestions, do leave them in the comments section below. And don’t forget to stay tuned with us.

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