If you were scrolling through Twitter this weekend, you probably noticed the images of amazing art being shared through the #SouthAsianArtists hashtag.

The founders of the hashtag say they organized the weekend long event in order to bring exposure to artists from South Asia and the greater diaspora.

“#SouthAsianArtists was inspired by #DrawingWhileBlack and we were inspired to do a hashtag that would highlight desi artists and give them a platform,” explained co-founder Fatima Wajid in an email. She said that she and her co-founder Mai (a Bangladeshi artist who tweets at @iwantsyrniki) wanted to also help foster relationships between artists and potential buyers and employers.

“It always seemed like desi artists were an online minority and that there was no real ‘community,’” said Wajid. “The hashtag aims to let South Asian artists of all sort organize and create a supportive community.”

Here are just a few of the very many talented artists whose work jumped out at us on the hashtag.

Anoosha Syed

Artist and illustrator Anoosha Syed is also the co-host of The Art Corner podcast. In addition to working with blockbuster companies like Disney and Dreamworks, she is the illustrator for the upcoming book ‘Other Words For Home’ by Jasmine Warga, which is about a young Muslim girl.

Priya Huq

Priya Huq’s comic Mana is a fantasy comic about a swordsperson named Samudra. When she has a dream about the ocean, she knows that she has to travel towards it. But Samudra also knows that “those who leave the mountains are not allowed to return.” You can check out Mana here.

Usman Riaz

The founder of Mano Animation Studios, Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animation studio, Usman Riaz has also given two TED talks about creativity and music. You can watch those here and here.

Sayada Ramdial

Sayada Ramdial is an artist and illustrator from Trinidad. Check out her illustrations of food, patterns and more here.

Shivana Sookdeo

Shivana Sookdeo describes herself as being known for “simple, eye-catching visuals paired with thoughtful, quietly dense narratives.” Check out her work here.

Sailesh Vaghela

Artist Sailesh Vaghela are eye popping in their use of color. Check out his work on his Instagram account by heading here.

Discover more of the artists who shared their work this weekend by clicking on the #SouthAsianArtists hashtag on Twitter.


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