Airplane Etiquette is a Thing and Here’s How to Master It

August 11, 2017 Editorial     TheTealMango

Airplane etiquette is a real thing. Traveling via flight can be intimidating, whether it’s your first time or your 100th. Stuck in a tiny space for long hours without escape? Yeah, it can be hell but it doesn’t have to be. Not if you know the perfect way to behave and make the most of your trip.

So for those who need a guide on how to conduct yourself when traveling or on a plane, here you go! (PS: feel free to send it to that friend who just can’t follow any of these rules, we know you want to).

1. All hail personal space 

Airplane seats are the worst. You’re practically sitting on someone’s lap from the get-go. Understandably, there’s not a whole lot of wiggle room but that still doesn’t allow you to invade someone else’s personal space or let anyone invade yours. So, no, do not stretch out and touch them.

All hail personal space

Another great tip is to remind yourself that the back of your seat is also someone’s dining “area.” Don’t jerk yourself back and forth, you. All puns intended.

2. Don’t stink it up 

Don't stink it up

Please clutch on your toothbrush and deodorant like they’re your grandmother’s pearls. You may feel like escaping their monotony when you’re above the clouds but you’re wrong.  Especially if you want to join the mile high club.

3. Creeps will be banned 

Creeps will be banned

Simply put: not everyone wants to be a chatty Kathy on their trip so save the pickup lines for another time. Let their body language clue you in because if you don’t, you’re just the weirdo of the story.

4. For the love of God, be kind to that air-hostess

For the love of God, be kind to that air-hostess

Can you imagine being courteous all the time for your job? Nah, neither can we. Guess who has to do it, though? The airline stewards/air hostesses who will, with a click, be at your service. Pro tip: don’t keep clicking!

5. Prepare like there’s no tomorrow. Flights can get looooong. 

Prepare like there's no tomorrow. Flights can get looooong.

An airplane is a tricky, tricky place. It’s not home, it’s not the destination, it’s the wonderfully unknown in-between. Carry all the essentials that will make you feel a little more ready to face the unknown. Headphones, moisturizer, neck pillow, actual good food. All the works.

6. Awareness is your friend

No, really, don’t be that idiot who doesn’t know what he’s doing/where he’s going. Look around, ask questions, conform to your surrounding, and look out for your things. You don’t want that annoying kid to trip on your bag.

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