At the risk of unprofessionalism, allow me to just call it what it is and say Hoboken has seen a shit show over the past several days, but not without a positive outcome.

Ravinder Bhalla, Hoboken, New Jersey’s first turban-wearing Sikh candidate for mayor found himself at the center of a slanderous propaganda campaign. A flyer was mailed out telling voters not to elect Bhalla and “let terrorism take over our town.” Read more about this horrendous act of racism here.

Luckily, Hoboken voters gave the proverbial finger to propaganda and elected Bhalla as their mayor!

Soon to be sworn in Mayor Bhalla (January 1st is when Mayors are sworn in), a Democrat, has served two terms on the Hoboken City Council. Bhalla ran against five other candidates and obviously won.

We can’t wait to see what Bhalla does for Hoboken, the Sikh community, and for ALL Americans, in his new role.

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