Jas Baning is a ridiculously talented 19-year-old artist from Leicester, England. The young art student draws inspiration from history, politics, beloved cartoon characters, pop culture and even Bollywood. She uses her magical artistic powers to express strong messages with her work regarding sensitive topics. There is immense depth in her work and the details of her art will leave you speechless.

She has created Disney princess-like characters from all over the world.

sup guys 😀 i made some more potential Disney (style) princesses from around the world (from top left, clockwise) they are Nigerian, Bangladeshi, Azerbaijani, Sri Lankan. what do you think? 😁😁😁

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hi guys! I drew some more potential Disney princesses 😀 ! the top left is Egyptian princess, top right is Ethiopian princess, bottom left is Hawaiian princess and bottom right is Jamaican princess …. I actually think I ruined this because the paper got all wrinkley cuz of my paint -.- but idk :s what do you think?? 😁😁😁😁😁

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i got a tiny new sketchbook and i decided to draw one potential disney (style) princess every day 😳😁 these are the ones ive done so far 😀 (its like my tiny side project i guess??) i wasnt sure if i should post this here because like drawing disney style isnt my typical style .-. but ye anyway…. the top left is a Geisha princess, top right is an Indian princess, bottom left is a Ghanaian princess and bottom right is Mexican princess 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😃😁… what do you think? 😀

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Baning has a knack of presenting sensitive topics in a creative and powerful way. She has pieces posted on Instagram that deal with everything from sexual abuse on college campuses to abuse of sex workers. She explains how the abuse of sex workers are minimized—especially in India—and people try to claim that they “deserve it” like it’s a part of their job.

The artist also spreads positive body image messages with her artwork as well. Here is a piece she created in support of the #UnfairAndLovely movement among South Asian women who are standing up against the traditional bias towards darker skinned girls.

Check out this adorable piece she created for a friend who was feeling down about her body—how sweet is this girl? Jas’ Body Positive Pixie’s are absolutely #fire.

All women are beautiful regardless of color and size, and don’t you forget it girls!

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Clearly, Jas Baning is a woke AF young artist with a heart of gold that weeps for all those who suffer around her. She not only brings awareness to worthy causes but also has a ton of pride of her Sikh heritage and, of course, her love of Bollywood.

If you don’t follow her on Instagram already…

Seriously, go follow her now, she’s absolutely brilliant.