Award-winning Indian-American filmmaker, Mira Nair is working on a new project for BBC. Nair has taken on the television adaptation of Vikram Seth’s bestselling novel, “A Suitable Boy” along with BBC and Lookout Point. Emmy-winning screenwriter Andrew Davies is working on the adaptation. He’s known for his work on the Bridget Jones’ franchise and the show “House of Cards.” It is an eight-part series that will be shot in India featuring BBC’s first all non-white cast.

The show is a coming of age story about a woman named Lata looking for love and finding herself. The show is set in northern India, post-partition in 1951. Seeing her sister’s arranged marriage has Lata worried as her determined mother sets her sights on setting up Lata. She struggles between doing what’s expected of her and following her heart towards romance. Her choices are set against a chaotic political time in a newly independent India working towards its first general election.

Torn between duty to her family and the excitement of romance, Lata embarks on an epic journey of love, desire and heartache as three very different suitors vie for her hand. Her choice will play out against the tumultuous political backdrop of India at a crossroads, looking towards its first independent general election and carving out its own destiny.