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Diversity in Hollywood

Looking Back at a Century of Muslim Representation in Hollywood

Just how much has Muslim representation changed in Hollywood over the last century? A new report attempts to answer that question in great detail.In...
Searching Director Aneesh Chaganty

Aneesh Chaganty Sets Next Film After ‘Searching,’ Sarah Paulson to Star

Fresh off the success of his summer blockbuster "Searching," Indian-American director Aneesh Chaganty is ready to helm his next film. Written by Chaganty, the...
A 1972 film about Indians in Britain

This 1972 Hindi Documentary Highlighted the Diversity of London

It’s not hard to find documentaries made by English people about India, or its cities and religions. Now, thanks to the British Film Institute,...
The new M.I.A. documentary is being released in the U.S. on September 28.

‘Matangi/Maya/M.I.A’ Shows a Different Side of British-Sri Lankan Singer M.I.A.

Viewers walking out of a screening of ‘Matangi/Maya/M.I.A’ — the new documentary about the British-Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A. — would be forgiven for being...
'Our Time' at the PBS Online Film Festival

Arpita Kumar Explores Childhood and Disillusionment in her Short Film ‘Our Time’

Maira, the child at the center of Arpita Kumar’s new short film "Our Time," experiences a series of revelations as her story unfolds. While...
A scene from Molly Karna's film 'Arrangment'

Molly Karna Explores Queer Relationships and the Closet in ‘Arrangement’

In Molly Karna’s debut film “Arrangement,” viewers meet two young women who are at a crossroads in their relationship (and perhaps their lives.) The...
A scene from theAustralian film 'ReFraction'

Actor Kaushik Das on his Film ‘ReFraction’ and the Surprising Link Between South Asia...

Actor and producer Kaushik Das is aware that his new film is about to make its New York City debut at a particularly timely...