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5 Best AI Video Generators to Try Out in 2024

People love video content because it is an easier way to digest information. It is quicker and more convenient so you, as a content creator, should focus more on video content. This will help you reach a wider audience.

But making videos isn’t easy. Creating videos takes time and effort. Sometimes it can take days or even weeks to complete a single video. But what if you could make this process faster?

An AI video generator can be an impressive tool in this regard. It can help you create exciting videos quickly. But with so many AI video generator tools, which one to choose? Well, let us help you with that.

We will be comparing the 5 best and most popular AI video generators in 2024. So without any further ado, let’s get into the details.

What is an AI Video Generator?

So what exactly is an AI video generator? Well, it is a simple tool that can convert written text into video content. It can automate the process of creating videos saving you time and effort. With an online AI video generator, you can easily create bulk videos in no time.

AI videos make producing content easier by allowing you to create high-quality video content quickly and efficiently. There are many tools out there that help you in generating videos. We will be comparing the 5 best ones in the section below. But before that, let’s see why you should use an AI video generator.

Why Use an AI Video Generator?

An AI video generator holds some amazing benefits. Some of these amazing benefits include:

  • Time-Efficient:

An AI video generator is a time-efficient tool for creating video content. When manually creating videos, you have to spend days or even weeks to create a video. AI helps you create video content faster, saving valuable time.

  • Cost-Effective:

Along with saving time, an AI video generator can also help you save money. Manually creating videos requires you to have a team along with the equipment. With AI, you can just create your videos online for a fraction of the cost.

  • Scalable:

An AI video generator is scalable. You can pay and upgrade your plan along the way. As your business grows, so can you grow your video generation efforts. 

  • Easy To Use:

An AI video generator is easy to use. There is not a very large learning curve that you have to worry about. Most online tools come with proper instructions and documentation so you can easily learn how to use them.

  • Customizable:

You can easily customize your AI video generator according to your specific needs. You can play around with the prompts and settings to get your desired results. With these tools, you have complete control over your video content.

5 Best AI Video Generators:

We have discussed what an AI video generator is and why you should use one. Now let’s dive into the 5 popular options we have shortlisted for you. So here are the best AI video generators in the market:

1. Invideo AI

Invideo AI is one of the simplest and strongest AI tools for generating high-quality videos in minutes. We’re talking about videos with voiceovers, background music, subtitles, and HD stock footage. The best part? Invideo AI just needs a prompt with your ideas and it will start generating your video in minutes.


  • Can export up to 4k quality videos.
  • Can use AI to edit the video even after the video is generated from the prompt.
  • Users can let AI generate a script for them using prompts, instead of creating their own before generating a video.
  • Prompt & create in your preferred language, or translate your video into 50+ languages with a simple text command.


  • Limited collaborative features.
  • The AI video stock footage won’t be able to show specific products in your script. This is where you can edit the AI video and insert your clips.


Capterra 4.8  Trustpilot 4.6 and G2 4.8 based on 155 review


Plus plan: $25/mo billed monthly or $20/ mo if billed Yearly.

Max Plan: $60/mo billed monthly or $48/mo if billed Yearly.

2. Wondershare Virbo

homepage of wondershare virbo video generator.

First on our list of the best AI video generator tools is Wondershare Virbo. This powerful tool allows you to create AI videos in no time. 

Virbo features some amazing features such as translating your videos into more than 40 languages. This allows you to break the language barrier and reach a wider audience.

Apart from this, Virbo has many more features including cross-device compatibility, custom AI avatars, and much more. Try it out and you will love using this AI video generator.


  • Cross-Device Compatibility: Use Virbo on any device you prefer and create videos seamlessly.
  • AI Avatars: Choose from 300+ life-like avatars for your video.
  • AI Voices: Choose from 300+ voices from 90 countries.
  • AI Video Translation: Choose from 40+ different languages and reach a broader audience.
  • AI Script Generator: Integrate Virbo with ChatGPT 4 and create a video script automatically.
  • Custom AI Avatars: Create your own AI avatar according to your specific needs.


  • Learning Curve: You need to spend some time learning how to use Virbo.


Wondershare Virbo has been rated 4.8 based on 162 reviews on G2.


  • Monthly Plan: $19.99 per month.
  • Yearly Plan – Essential: $44.99 per year.
  • Yearly Plan – Pro: $199 per year.
  • Business Plan: $499 per year.

That’s all about this tool! 

3. HeyGen

homepage of HeyGen video generator.

HeyGen is another popular and powerful AI video generator. It comes with some powerful features such as AI Avatars, Video Translation, Streaming Avatars, and much more. 

Another notable feature of HeyGen is its integration with Zapier for automatic video creation. Overall, HeyGen is an impressive tool for AI video creation.


  • Easy To Use: HeyGen has an easy-to-use user interface.
  • Voice Clone: Create realistic voices with the voice clone feature.
  • Translation Editing: It allows you to easily edit video translations.
  • Custom Avatars: You can create your own avatars and customize them.


  • Quality Issues: HeyGen doesn’t always output high-quality videos.
  • Cost: HeyGen can be expensive to use.
  • Translation Limitations: It may sometimes poorly translate idioms or words.


HeyGen has been rated 4.8 based on 504 reviews on G2.


    • Creator Plan: $24 per month for 15 credits.
    • Team Plan: $120 per month for 30 credits.
    • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing.

4. Wavel AI

homepage of Wavel audio generator.

Wavel AI is another popular audio generation and video editing tool online. It helps you create and edit videos using AI easily. You can easily use its text-to-speech functionality to create audio in 20+ languages and 250+ voices.

This powerful tool can help you improve your video generation process with its amazing features. It also features a voice cloning feature to help you create realistic voices.


  • Audio Enhancement: Wavel can enhance the audio quality of your video.
  • Translation: Translate to 20+ different languages.
  • Video Tools: Compress, Resize, Rotate, Trim, and Convert videos in one place.


  • Limited Features: Very limited features with regards to video creation.
  • Limited Customizations: Wavel lacks advanced customization features.


Wavel AI is rated 3.3 based on 5 reviews on G2.


  • Basic Plan: $18 per month for 900 credits.
  • Pro Plan: $30 per month for 2700 credits.
  • Business Plan: $60 per month for 6480 credits.

5. Elai

homepage of Elai video generator.

Another very popular tool for AI video generation is Elai. This excellent tool comes with some powerful features including automated video translation, AI avatars, voice cloning, and more.

Elai saves time by allowing you to create videos from URLs. You can also use this amazing tool to craft scripts for your videos. Overall, Elai has some amazing features for you to explore. 


  • AI Avatars: Choose from 80+ avatars.
  • Video Translation: Translate your video into 75+ different languages.
  • Voice Cloning: Make your videos sound more realistic.
  • Script Writing: Let AI craft your next video script for you in no time.


  • Slow Rendering: Elai has the potential for slow rendering which can slow down your video creation process.
  • Limited Features: You may get limited features as compared to other similar tools.
  • Slow Review Process: Elai’s human review process may sometimes be slow.


Elai is rated 4.7 based on 77 reviews on G2.


  • Basic Plan: $23 per month.
  • Advanced Plan: $100 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing.

FAQs on AI Video Generators

How Does an AI Video Generator Work?

AI video generators are trained on large sets of data to easily understand human inputs. Most online tools feature a text-to-video feature. This feature allows you to enter a prompt which the AI processes and converts into video form. 

What types of videos can be generated using AI video generators?

You can generate different types of videos using AI video generator generators. Some common types include educational videos, marketing videos, social media promotional videos, and much more. There are endless possibilities in AI video generation so you should dive in.

Are AI video generators accessible to beginners?

Yes, most AI video generators do not have a very large learning curve. You can follow the step-by-step instructions to use these tools even as a beginner. They also come with complete documentation and tutorial videos for you in case you get stuck.

Are there any privacy or ethical concerns associated with AI video generators?

While AI video generators may be an excellent tool to save time, there is a potential for misuse. They may be used to create deep fakes which can be used to defame someone. It is important to check out the privacy guidelines to ensure you use AI video generators safely.

Can I upload AI-generated videos on YouTube?

YouTube allows uploading AI-generated videos as long as these videos comply with their community guidelines. Make sure to read the YouTube community guidelines to ensure you don’t have any issues with your uploaded videos.


So this is everything about the 5 best AI video generators to try out in 2024. We hope this blog has helped you understand everything about AI video generators. Be sure to try out these 5 amazing options and choose the one that best suits your needs.

All these options are amazing and offer some powerful features. But when comparing based on different use cases and features, Wondershare Virbo stands out as the winner. In terms of value for money, Virbo is the winner. So be sure to check it out. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask them in the comments below. We would be more than happy to help you out with anything related to AI video generators. We will meet you in our next amazing blog post!

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