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Was Roman Abramovich Poisoned at Ukrainian Peace Talks?

Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich was present at the Ukrainian peace talks in Kyiv last month. This happened shortly after the Russian invaded Ukraine. He was one of the seven oligarchs sanctioned (asset freezes and travel bans) by the UK government.

Abramovich suffered symptoms of suspected poisoning on the 3rd or 4th of March along with several Ukrainian negotiators. They suffered symptoms like skin peeling and sore eyes.

About the Poisoning

Roman Abramovich is closely associated with Putin. This was the reason that even he faced sanctions after Russia invaded Ukraine. However, he was present at the peace talks that were held in Ukraine on 3 March 2022.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “at least two members of Ukraine’s negotiating team and Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich suffered symptoms of poisoning following talks between Russian and Ukrainian delegations in early March.” 

The report has also been confirmed by the investigative journalistic group Bellingcat, which revealed that symptoms included skin and eye irritation. However, these symptoms subsided within a day.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that “The conditions of those who reported suffering effects of supposed poisoning have all improved and are no longer in danger.”  Bellingcat confirms that this is a case of international poisoning with an undefined chemical weapon.

Experts told the victims that a small dosage was not enough to be life-threatening and the attack was staged to just intimidate delegates who were present during this peace talk. It comes as an effort to sabotage efforts to stop the war between the two countries.

The Truth

Reliable sources confirm that the suspected poisoning was carried out by Moscow hardliners. It comes as a step to sabotage talks to end the war in Ukraine. Even though Abramovich is closely related to Putin, he has been trying to curb this war.

Sky Sports stated that Roman is fine and is continuing his peace talks even after the suspected poisoning attack. Further, he has also announced selling his club amidst the ongoing sanctions.

So why was he attacked? Well, the answer is simple. Roman played a significant role as a broker to stop this war. President Zelensky also stated that Abramovich offered him help to de-escalate Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Now, the Jewish billionaire is, or I must say was once, close to Vladimir Putin. The Russian President has made up his mind to blow up Ukraine. Anyone who comes in the way will face consequences. Abramovich appears to be a victim of Moscow hardliners who work as Putin’s puppet.

There is a high possibility that the Russian President himself ordered such an attack to intimidate Ukrainian negotiators along with Abramovich who stands against the President’s will. Three days back, Roman was also ousted from Kremlin’s peace talks with Ukraine. What do you think about these suspected attacks?

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