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Boxer Simiso Buthelezi Died Aged 24 After Suffering Brain Injury

It is tragic news for boxing fans across the world as young South African boxer Simiso Buthelezi who became disorientated while the boxing title fight was going on over the weekend died on the night of 7th June. He was just 24.

The awful news was confirmed by the Boxing South Africa. Buthelezi was admitted to hospital immediately on Sunday after he lost his focus away from his opponent and instead moved towards the corner end of the ring and started throwing punches in thin air during the boxing tournament held in Greyville, Durban.

Official Statement by Boxing South Africa

Boxing South Africa officials said in a statement, “It is with great sadness for Boxing South Africa and the Buthelezi family to announce the passing away of Mr. Simiso Buthelezi who passed away last night, June 7, 2022 at hospital in Durban. On June 5, 2022, Mr Buthelezi participated in a boxing tournament hosted by Starline Boxing Promotions at Greyville, Durban.”

According to the statement, Buthelezi was given the best treatment and care in the hospital. However, he could not survive because of the injury he suffered from.

The statement further read, “Boxing South Africa will conduct an independent medical review of the injury and will then make public the results of that medical review. The Buthelezi family and Boxing South Africa acknowledges warm words of condolences of the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture.”

Is Brain Injury his Cause of Death?

He later collapsed in the ring. Hospital authorities have confirmed that he suffered internal bleeding and had a brain injury.

However, the root cause of his death and also more details pertaining to the injury are not yet known at the time of writing this article.

Tim Boxeo, a Boxing commentator who covers club boxing around the world tweeted, “Very scary in South Africa please πŸ™πŸΌ for Simiso Buthelezi (4-1). At 2:43 of the 10th & final round, Siphesihle Mntungwa (7-1-2) falls through the ropes but then Buthelezi appears to lose his understanding of the present situation. Mntungwa takes the WBF African lightweight title”.

He added, “I know many are interested in Buthelezi’s condition, as am I, as we all continue to pray for his recovery. I am not the right person to share news on his medical situation. I’ll be patient and allow those close to Buthelezi share confirmed & official updates when appropriate πŸ™πŸΌ”.

His trainer paid a visit to see him when he was in the hospital and said that he was in a coma. Doctors are of the opinion that because of the blow to the head there might be a blood clot in the brain.

Social Media Reaction

Social media was flooded with condolence messages and many users expressed shock after hearing about his tragic demise. Some even went on to remind people of how dangerous the game of boxing is.

Buthelezi contested 5 matches in his professional career and won 4 out of them while he passed away during his fifth match. Boxing South Africa reassured an internal investigation into the fight and the death is still in progress and details will be shared very soon.

Rest in Peace Simiso Buthelezi!

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