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Machine Gun Kelly Welcomes New Cats ‘Tickets & Na’avi’ To The Family

Earlier today, Machine Gun Kelly announced on his Instagram account that his family would grow by adding two new members.

He is living with two cute kittens as his new family members, whom he will be responsible for raising and parenting.

Two New Members Have Joined The MGK Family, and Fans Are Loving It

In a recent announcement, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox announced the arrival of a new family member. It was revealed via social media on Wednesday that the “Bloody Valentine” singer will now become a father to two new kittens named Tickets and Navi. He told the news on his Instagram account.

“new gang members: Tickets & Na’avi 🐈🐈‍⬛❤️” These are the captions that MGK, 31, put alongside a picture of him cradling the kitten in his arms while he smiled broadly, as seen on Instagram.

One of them was also placed on MGK’s shoulder, and it was so cute and funny to see him with it. The singer’s fans were attracted by a flower cat tree that was mentioned in some of his posts, and many of them discussed it there, while others didn’t mention it at all.

Although the last video in the I.G. carousel was so cute, I was so happy to see the two cuties have fun with one another and how much they love each other.

Have You Heard Of Machine Gun Kelly’s Cat Attraction Secret?

Machine Gun Kelly has officially earned his stripes as a bonafide cat man. As part of the video for “makeup sex,” which features a black bear, the rapper-pop-punker released the video on March 29, 2022vand it features plenty of cute little kittens that seem to be flocking to him from all over the world. Naturally, therefore, there is no doubt that some secret is involved.

There is a playback clip from the video MGK shared on his TikTok account with the caption, ‘This video doesn’t require me to have chicken positioned on my neck and ears for it to work. This method has no glamour, but it worked in the end! On March 25, 2022, Mainstream Sellout released a new single called “Makeup Sex,” which is the latest from the album.

MGK and Megan Fox welcomed a beautiful Bengal kitten, Whiskey, into their family in February of 2022 as a new addition. The couple is also planning to have a mixed family with Micah’s 12-year-old daughter, Casie, and Fox’s three sons: Noah, who is nine. Bodhi, who is eight, and Journey, who is five years old, when the rock star and actress get married.

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly Slammed By PETA After Bringing Bengal Kitten Home

Less than two weeks after Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox introduced their new Bengal kitten, Whiskey, PETA is taking a stand against designer pets.

The animal rights organization revealed this week that they’ve plastered posters all over West Hollywood, Calif., depicting a cat in a cage with the caption “Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly: Why do you hate me?”

According to PETA, more than 15,850 cats entered L.A. city shelters in 2021, and more than half were kittens. In the U.S., around 70 million cats and dogs are homeless at any given time, an estimated 10% of whom end up in shelters.

Billboard has reached out to Machine Gun Kelly’s reps for comment on the PETA posters and has yet to hear back at press time. Despite this, the singer still enjoys spending time with the kittens and enjoys their company. So what are your thoughts on the subject of cats? Are you a cat lover? If you are one of them, please let us know.

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