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Who is Tina Louise? Everything About the Ex-Girlfriend of Brett Oppenheim

Sometimes relationships just don’t work out.

Brett Oppenheim, President and Broker of Oppenheim Real Estate, and Tina Louise, the model, have gone through a separation and are no longer together.

However, the breakup did not happen recently; rather, the news was presented lately. They had been dating for over 8 months before breaking up.

Their relationship came into recognition because of Selling Sunset. The show is quite attractive. Because of the area’s sunny location and the presence of the affluent and famous, selling real estate in Los Angeles can be a delightful experience.

It can also be competitive as agents compete for clients and properties. Selling Sunset depicts the drama at The Oppenheim Group, where affluent purchasers are sold the luxurious life by elite real estate brokers.

But why did the pair decide to split ways? We appear to have found an answer to that issue, as concerns have been addressed.

Who Is Tina Louise? 

‘Saving the World One Taco at a Time.’

Before getting onto the reason for their breakup a lot of individuals don’t know much about Tina Louise. But Instagram speaks for itself.

To begin with, we know Tina is a great model; she isn’t a member of the cast of Selling Sunset, but she has appeared in a few scenes. Tina is 40 years old and was raised in Australia. The model entered the modeling industry in a unique manner.

She was snapped in a bikini by a photographer and landed up on the cover of Maxim. Since then, she has been recognized by a number of people. In addition, she is also an entrepreneur.

The model owns and operates a vegan taco business named ‘Sugar Taco.’ Along with that she also has some other side business.

The model does, in fact, have a verified Instagram account with over 2.6 million followers who adores her content.

Tina’s Dating History Before Brett Oppenheim

Before getting into a relationship with Brett Oppenheim, Tina actually got linked with some of the famous personalities.

Tina was photographed having lunch with actor Brian Austin Green at one of her Sugar Taco outlets in 2020 when he was no longer with Megan Fox.

Tina was spotted on the beach with rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs shortly after being sighted with Green. Since Brett Oppenheim, the model has not been spotted with anyone else. In addition, the two have attended Coachella 2022 together.

And they are in fact on excellent terms, but how do we know? Because the two continue to follow each other on Instagram, Brett Oppenheim openly discussed the model on Instagram.

Brett Oppenheim & Tina Louise Dated For Eight Months Before Calling If Quits

The two had been together for eight months when Brett Oppenheim posted an Instagram ask me thing and when someone asked if he was single, he said yes.

He penned, “Okay, this question has absolutely nothing to do with real estate, but I will answer it. As of very recently, actually, yes.”

And Tina actually stated a reason for her split with Brett.

“Well, you know, we were together for eight months, so it got to a point where I wanted to take the next step in the relationship, and he wasn’t quite there yet.

I think maybe the relationship with Chrishell and Jason may have prompted me to sort of ask more questions with Brett.” And then added, “That sort of ended the relationship.”

Brett Oppenheim Posted A Confirmation Of Their Split

Brett Oppenheim later confirmed their breakup by referring to Tina as his “friend.”

He penned the caption, “I am grateful for you Tina. For your love, your laugh, your smile, and for our enduring friendship.”

Brett also included a series of photos and wrote, “Tina is the most genuine… the loving… beautiful woman I could have ever dreamed of… with the most breathtaking smile… I will always love her and be her friend.”

Tina also mentioned that “Brett is my ex, but we remain very good friends.”

So, what are your thoughts on their breakup? It’s a good thing they’re still friends and respect each other’s decisions. You can stay tuned with us for more updates.

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