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Who is Morgan Osman? Florida Influencer’s Plane Meltdown Video Goes Viral

Morgan Osman is in the limelight! At the moment, a video of a woman who goes by the name of Morgan Osman is going viral on the internet. The video showed the woman taking out her luggage from an overhead compartment.

In the video, Osman can be heard abusing and cussing at her co-passenger. Keep scrolling further to catch more details about Morgan Osman and the whole flight incident doing rounds on social media.

Meet Morgan Osman as her plane meltdown video goes viral

Right now, a 20-second video of a woman called Morgan Osman is circulating online. In the footage, she can be spotted taking out her luggage from a compartment while hurling cusses at her co-passenger.

After this, Osman noticed someone was filming her as she was walking on the aisle. She went on to say, “Film me! I am Instagram famous, you f*cking bum.” She continued to cuss other passengers as well as she made her way out. In the video, many travelers were also heard laughing at her.

As of this moment, additional details about the plane incident including when and where it took place are unknown. Up until now, we don’t know what prompted Morgan to abuse the flight passengers.

Here’s all you need to know about Morgan Osman (including her profession, age, and more)

For the unversed, Morgan Osman is an Instagram influencer. She has a huge fan following on the social media platform Instagram. She boasts a fanbase of 1 million followers. At the time of writing, her Instagram account has been reportedly deleted.

As per The New York Times, the social media star is currently 35 years old. She is originally from Miami, Florida. In the year 2010, she appeared on the reality show Bad Girls Club. She was removed from the TV show during the second episode as she broke into the room of the producer.

In addition to this, the Miami-based beauty also appeared on the VH1 reality series Miami Monkey in the year 2013. This show ran for just a year and was shut down later on. Prior to her TV debut, she worked as a bartender.

How did the netizens react to Morgan Osman’s viral plane clip?

Many social media users have shared their funny reactions to the viral plane video of Instagram star Morgan Osman. One user commented, “Chile social media got people thinking they bigger than what they are lol we don’t know you n*gga”

Followed by a second person who penned, “Getting kicked off a flight, from coach screaming I’m instagram famous is WILDDDDD.” A third user chimed in, “Instagram famous but you flying basic economy is CRAZY 😂.”

A comment read, “IG famous 😂 everyone who is on Instagram that doesn’t know her please gather here.” A user went on to say, “Being Instagram famous is not a flex 😂😂😂😂 being on your OWN pj is lady ✔️”

What is your stance on the plane incident? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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