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What’s “The OKOKOK” Or “LALALA” Test On TikTok?

TikTok is truly a versatile place! From weird challenges to funny tests, the video-sharing platform never failed to keep its users entertained. While Gen-Z is a master in making almost everything a viral trend, the latest viral quiz making the rounds on the platform is the ‘OKOKOK / LALALA test. So how do you take this test and what’s the meaning behind it? Read on to explore.

The Meaning Behind The “OKOKOK / LALALA” Test?

The viral “OKOKOK/ LALALA” test has been making rounds across TikTok, and some are still wondering what this viral quiz is all about. Well, the test has everything to do with your vibe, and is inspired by the popular Tyler the Creator’s song, ‘See You Again’ featuring Kali Uchis.

If you’ve heard this song, you’d have also heard Tyler repeating “Ok” while Kali trips on “Lalala”. TikToker being the creative folks, ended up putting their own spin on the song, deciding that whichever verse a person sings, speaks a lot about you.

So yea, this test is all about what vibe you deliver: “Are you an Ok or Lalala?” Still confused? It’s simple. If you join in on Tyler’s verse, you’re considered level-headed and introverted, but if you sing to Kali’s side, you’re wild and extroverted.

How To Take The”OKOKOK / LALALA” Test?

It’s time for some karaoke with your friends because only then, you’d be able to throw your exact vibe. To know who’s Ok Ok Ok and who’s La La La, play both verses simultaneously. This won’t give you guys the chance to choose one of the verses to sing along, and would ultimately reveal your vibe.

Now, if you’re not even a fairly good singer, you can also take the Okokokok Lalalala test online, which includes some controversial personality-related questions. Per the Expo Quiz website, the Okokokok Lalalala Quiz determines what vibe you give off. Are you chill and mature, or loud and silly? The quiz will ask around 15 controversial questions like:

  • What Are you sick of? Anxiety, Loneliness, School, Work or Relationships.
  • What are you hungry for? Food, parties, sleep, books, or “s-x”.
  • When do you listen to Tyler the Creator: At night, on the way to school, all day every day, when I am bored, or at a party or something?

These questions will result in assessing your personality, i.e. if you are an OkOKOk or a LALALA. Another viral test that’s taking over TikTok is the mental age” test. TikTok videos with the hashtag “mental age test” has received over 8.6 million views as people continue to share their response.

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