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What Is TikTok’s Kiss Hoodie DIY Trend? How To Make One For Your Valentine?

New DIY trends are constantly going viral on TikTok, and one of them is truly worth digging for. Since December 2022, the DIY “Kiss Hoodie” trend has been taking over the minds of social media users. As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, it’s time to make one of these cute hoodies for your better half. Read on to know what this trend is all about and how to make your own Kiss Hoodie.

What Is The Kiss Hoodie DIY Trend?

The “Kiss Hoodie” or “Kissing Hoodie” trend has invaded TikTok ahead of Valentine’s Day. As the day of love fast approaches, people are wondering what this “kiss hoodie” DIY trend is all about. Let me help you understand. Girls are posting some really adorable TikTok videos with kiss-imprinted hoodies for their loved ones.

As a part of this trend, they are painting their lips and placing hundreds of kisses on the hoodies to make the best Valentine’s gifts for their boyfriends, crushes, partners and so on. So yea, you literally need to pucker up your lips to become a part of this artsy trend.

While we aren’t sure who started this trend, one TikTok user @lauraassar’s “Kissing Hoodie” DIY video has been viewed over 36 million times and has over 4 million likes. She captioned her video, “making kissing hoodie for my BF”. In the video, Laura can be seen showcasing a regular old black sweatshirt, adding red paint kisses all over.

How To Make Your Own ‘Kiss Hoodie”

If you’ve seen Laura’s TikTok video, she began the video by making a rectangular window in front of her black hoodie, using masking tape. After this, she filled the rectangle with two layers of white fabric paint. Thereafter, she used a hairdryer to quicken up the process.

Wondering how you place those perfect kisses? Laura used a red fabric paint just like liquid lipstick and started smothering her hoodie with loads and loads of kisses on the white rectangle. FYI, ensure you use non-toxic fabric paint for the process. Once satisfied, she removed the masking tape from the hoodie, revealing the clean lines and used an iron to heat-seal the paint. That’s how she made a perfect and “lip-felt” gift for her boyfriend.

Here are some simple steps to ease up for DIY ‘Kiss Hoodie” process:

  • Use masking tape to make an outline of a rectangle on the chest of the hoodie.
  • Fill the rectangle with white fabric paint and let it dry for some time (use a hairdryer if you can’t wait longer!)
  • Create a second coat with white fabric paint. Let it dry.
  • Now, just cover your lips with your favourite fabric paint (red, blue, black, purple, whatever rocks your boat!)
  • Place some cute kisses on the white rectangle (just ensure you wipe the paint from the lips thoroughly after you’re done!)

That’s it! Your Valentine’s Day gift is all set and done! While some people are finding it funny, others have showered these DIY ‘kiss hoodie’ videos with compliments. And hey, believe it or not, this trend is kinda cute, fun and extremely affordable.

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