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What is TikTok’s Banana and Sprite Challenge? Viral Trend Resurfaces in 2022

At the moment, the Banana and Sprite challenge has taken over the video-sharing platform TikTok by storm. It is one of those TikTok trends that have resurfaced on the internet in the year 2022.

Not long ago, a streamer named iShowSpeed jumped on the bandwagon of the Banana and Sprite challenge. Soon afterward, many TikTok users began pondering over the trend. Continue reading further to know everything about TikTok’s Banana and Sprite challenge.


What is the Banana and Sprite challenge all about?

In the past, many challenges have been linked with Sprite, but let us tell you, the Banana and Sprite challenge is a bit dangerous and you must stay away from it. As per various reports, this trend is older than TikTok.

The Banana and Sprite challenge is simply a modified version of the original Sprite Challenge. As the name of this challenge suggests, it involves eating two bananas and then drinking a bottle of Sprite as soon as possible.

We know right now, many of you must be thinking that it is a pretty simple challenge and it seems harmless, especially when compared to the Mentos and Coke challenge, but the reaction of the TikTok users is a big reason why you should not try the Banana and Sprite challenge.

TikTok warns the users against the Banana and Sprite challenge

As of this moment, not much research has been conducted regarding the adverse reaction of eating bananas and then drinking Sprite, but just remember that it can still make you sick.

Eating two bananas, followed by a can full of soda will immediately fill your stomach beyond its capacity. Let us share with you, many social media users who tried the Banana and Sprite challenge ended up throwing up after having both items. A large number of TikTok users couldn’t stop burping.

If you will scroll through TikTok, you will find many videos related to the Banana and Sprite challenge, and the videos of the trend come up with a warning now which reads, “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.”

And if you have come across any content that shows the Banana and Sprite challenge then, we would suggest you to stay away from that kind of content.

How was iShowspeed’s experience with the Banana and Sprite challenge?

The Banana and Sprite challenge began swirling on the social media platform TikTok on October 21, 2022, after the streamer iShowspeed shared a video of himself taking part in the trend on TikTok.

After eating not one or two but three Bananas and drinking a bottle of Sprite, the streamer was seen throwing up immediately. He felt so sick after having the weird combination of a fruit and soda that he had to call 911. He claimed something was wrong with his digestive system.

What is your take on the Banana and Sprite challenge on TikTok? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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