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What is the TikTok’s Eel Pit Story all About? Eel Daddy’s Video Goes Viral

Nick Tobler, more popular as Eel Daddy has a very unique and uncommon hobby – raising eels in his basement. Tobler, who gained prominence on the video-sharing platform TikTok operates by the handle @cowturtle and is followed by more than 300,000 users.

His followers eagerly watch his TikTok channel to know about his new aquatic life adventures. Nick is an oceanic untamed life lover.

A few months ago, Tobler relocated to a new home and concluded that the basement of his house is an apt place for an eel pond. To enable walking around his basement, he set up air pumps, pneumatic machines, and a cinder block boardwalk along with a few ocean animals like goldfish.

Nick Tobler breeds eels in his cellar and feels like the idea is best suited to others as well to convert into an eel lake.

Eel Daddy shared his Eel Pit video on TikTok

Nick is inspired by Steve Irwin, Pokemon, and Animal Crossing for his fascination with aquatic life.

He said, “When I wasn’t playing that I’d just be out in the woods catching stuff. I’m not a violent or scary person at all, but it is a dark hole. I’m looking across my living room right now to some tarantulas I’ve got over there. At one point my walk-in-closet was just wall-to-wall scorpions. So yeah, I’ve got different tastes for sure”.

Nick agreed that he has a completely different taste. There was a time when his living room had some tarantulas. He also had scorpions which he is much fond of apart from other water animals.

According to his Linkedin profile, he hails from Kentucky, United States, and works as General Manager at Reef Life Aquatics.

During the “Don’t Let This Flop” (DLTF) episode of the podcast, Nick said, “I’ve always been [interested in aquatic life]. [It probably started] from watching Steve Irwin and then with Pokemon and Animal Crossing, and when I wasn’t playing that I’d just be out in the woods catching stuff.”

The DLTF episode is broadcasted every week on Wednesday across major audio streaming platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Stitcher, and others.

Social Media has Mixed Opinions

Social media users who are aware of Nick’s eel pit are debating on many platforms like Twitter if it really makes sense to have an eel pit in the cellar. However, there is a section of users who are excited that at last, the big day is here.

Julia Glum, news editor @Money tweeted: “I’ve been watching this guy on TikTok gradually build an eel pit (exactly what it sounds like) under his house for months now, and tomorrow he is FINALLY going to add the eels. gonna be a huge day for me”.

There was a tweet by another user who opposed this view by writing, “I don’t TikTok but … this might make me do it. Why does someone need or want an eel pit under their house?! And what could possibly go wrong? #EelPit”.

Here is one more tweet:

Well, there might be mixed views on Tobler’s creepy eel pit. However, he must be certainly enjoying the aquatic life by having it in his basement.

What are your thoughts on this Eel Pit story? Do you also have any such aquatic life surrounding your house? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, stay in touch for more such interesting stories!

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Archana Kabra
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