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What is the Feather in Hair Trend on TikTok? All About the Viral Challenge

The new trend that has taken the world of TikTok by storm is none other than Feather in Hair trend. The latest TikTok challenge has made people look beyond conventional beauty hacks. In this TikTok trend, netizens are making use of feathers to switch up their hairstyle.

Through the viral Feather in Hair trend, people are changing the color of their hair by following a couple of simple steps. Continue reading further to gather more information about the Feather in Hair trend that has gone viral on TikTok.

Here’s all you need to know about the Feather in Hair trend going viral on TikTok

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, the Feather in Hair trend revolves around feathers and hair as its name suggests. In this TikTok trend, you have to make a colorful feather blend in with your real hair.

The results of this TikTok challenge are mind-boggling. However, the method used to pull it off is debatable. As of this moment, several content creators have posted videos of themselves participating in the latest beauty trend.

Now, the Feather in Hair TikTok challenge has almost become a new fashion trend among social media users. People are fascinated by the end result of the TikTok trend which is not only different but it also lasts longer than other beauty hacks.

On the other hand, this particular beauty trend has also received some criticism from the side of netizens. Many are bashing the TikTok trend because of its method which exposes the scalp to chemicals that can lead to temporary or permanent damage. So, we would like to tell you that don’t participate in any TikTok trend without having complete knowledge about it.

How to do the Feather in Hair TikTok trend?

If you are someone who is still very interested in doing the Feather in Hair trend, then you can simply do that by following the series of steps mentioned below. First, you need to find a colorful feather of your choice.

If you want to achieve a unique look, then you can also club different colored feathers to get a rainbow-inspired hairstyle. Once, you have selected your main accessory, the feather, you can follow the below steps.

1.  Firstly, you have to cut the feather into a length of your preference.

2. Then, you have to turn around the feather and put some eyelash glue all over the length of the spine of the feather.

3. Now, part your hair in the middle and attach the spine of the feather to your bare scalp.

4. You can also use a hair spray on the feather to reduce the frizz. Then, comb it to blend with your real hair.

5. To make things more realistic, you can apply concealer in the middle of the feather to match it with the tone of your skin.

Do you like the Feather in Hair trend on TikTok? Kindly share your thoughts on the viral trend in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of show business. 

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