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What is the ‘Air Mattress Ashley’? Viral TikTok Trend Explained

TikTok users are always coming up with new and exciting challenges that go viral quickly. The platform, which has tested couples’ chemistry with its quizzes in the past, has now come up with another trend that tests their loyalty.

Named ‘Air Mattress Ashley,’ the challenge helps people get rid of their cheating partners, so try it at your own risk. So what exactly is the new trend, and how can you take part in it? Read on to find out.

What is TikTok’s ‘Air Mattress Ashley’ Trend?

The air mattress Ashley trend shows people’s reactions to an imaginary girl named Ashley, who is believed to seduce your partner and be with them on an air mattress if you do not take care of them well. As per Urban Dictionary, air mattress Ashley is ‘a blown out girl your man cheats with while you look like King size luxury mattress.’

So as per the trend, ‘Ashleys’ are homewreckers who would steal your man for the fun of it. Women are now reacting to the trend in different ways. While some are happy that the true colors of their partner would come out, others are the least bit concerned as they blindly trust their men.

While the woman Ashley is fictional, several people are recording videos describing the thoughts she represents. The challenge now sees two kinds of women: the ones who are being ‘Ashleys’ themselves and are sure of seducing men; and the ones who are threatened by their existence.

Over the last few days, the trend has become so popular that the hashtag #airmattressashley has garnered 4.5 million views on TikTok. However, it still remains unknown how and where it originated.

Users’ Reactions to the Trend

The trend has sparked hilarious reactions from women on social media. Some users posted the actual reaction of their partners to the trend, showing how unbothered they were. While a few women also joked that the trend helped them ‘get the trash out of their home,’ as they ‘threw out’ their cheating partners.

Some women also seemed to be passed at ‘Ashley’ and told her to find her own partner, instead of chasing an already married man. “Y’all better quit telling wives what to do with their husbands,” reads the text over some of the videos. A number of people have also pointed out that they should ignore the trend as it normalizes cheating.

The Ben Stage Challenge also went Viral Recently

Just a few days ago, another relationship-related challenge, named the Ben Stage, did the rounds on TikTok. The trend featured people sharing how they all dated a person named ‘Ben’ at some point in their lives and ended up having a bad experience.

The challenge featured the lyrics ‘you better run’ from Florence and The Machine’s song ‘Dog Days Are Over.’ The Ben Stage trend got tens of millions of views within a few days. “My ben stage put me in therapy,” said a user, and another expressed, “My ben stage ruined me.”

What are your thoughts on the ‘Air Mattress Ashley’ trend? Tell us in the comments section.

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