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What is Quiet Quitting? New Tiktok Work Trend Explored

TikTok never fails to surprise users with different trends every day. The current one is not related to any makeup, DIY, or dance moves. Quiet Quitting has become the new trending topic all over the social media platform. And guess what! It has made all the workers set out to simplify their work-life boundaries and reduce the stress they may otherwise experience at their workplaces, without being taken off of the company payroll.

The video that spread this trend has garnered over 3.9 million video views on the social networking platform. It spread the word on other notable mediums and websites like The Guardian and The Wall Street Journals. As a result, hundreds of quiet quitters have come forth to speak about how they are working hard to retain a healthy work-life balance.

Let’s know more about Quiet Quitting.

Where Did the Trend Start?

A few weeks ago, a TikTok user, @zkchillin, shared a video on his profile describing the word ‘Quiet Quitting’.

In no time, the video circulated all over the app and made its way into mainstream media. Whether the user intended it or not, the video attracted over 3 million views, thus becoming the face of a heated debate among the employees, career experts, and bosses.

What is Quiet Quitting?

Quiet quitting refers to the idea that you do not outright quit your job but do away with the concept of going above and beyond your work. The video further describes quiet quitting as a situation where you are still performing your workplace duties; however, without subscribing to the hustle culture mentality that works has to be your life. Quiet quitting says that your worth is defined by you as a person and not by your labor.

When it comes to practice, this concept might look as giving a cold shoulder to the projects beyond the scope of your job description, arriving and leaving work on time rather than coming early and staying late to complete the project, enjoying your lunch break, and refusing to answer work-related messages and emails outside your scheduled work hours.

Should I Practice Quiet Quitting?

People had varied opinions about the video, thus leaving the internet divided.

According to one user, “I quit 6 months ago, and guess what, same pay, same recognition, same everything but less stress.”

Another commented, “Even when I do this I am still outperforming 90 percent of my co-workers.”

One comment on the video got a lot of attention. The user claimed, “I did and was offered a raise and better position lmao.”

But quiet quitting did not work in favor of one user who wrote, “I stopped going above and beyond and ended up getting fired because I wasn’t passionate about the brand anymore?”

Is Quiet Quitting Unprofessional?

There are varied opinions about whether quiet quitting is unprofessional or not.

The vital element of this trend is that you are not quitting your job wholly but are merely stepping back from exerting yourself overtime and saving from the hustle culture that mainstream employment may find you facing.

There is nothing wrong with giving your leisure a priority without disturbing your professional commitments. At the end of the day, the discussion reduces to personal choices. But it is equally vital for an individual to maintain a sound work-life balance.

After all, we are humans, not robots!

What are your thoughts on quiet quitting? Would you give it a shot? Tell us in the comments below.

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