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What is Pink Sauce? Exploring the Viral TikTok Condiment

If the chefs heard about this new Tiktok Pink Sauce Trend, they would be overjoyed.

We’ve all seen tomato sauce, velouté sauce, and barbecue sauce in usage on a variety of cuisines, including chicken, tacos, gyros, and more. Well, TikTok will familiarize you with this unique sauce.

Chef Pii essentially introduced us to this novel sauce. However, the trend that was recently announced has actually been around for a month. In this piece, we’ll explain what exactly this new trend actually involves and how Chef Pii informed the public about it.

What Is Pink Sauce, Actually?

Ever heard of Pepto Bismol? No, the pink sauce isn’t Pepto Bismol, it just resembles that color. Pink sauce is made by TikTok users using different ingredients. And that’s why it’s pink not because it has a touch of the pink color, or else the TikTok user wouldn’t have been alive by now, haha.

Pink sauce is made by Tiktok users using various ingredients. Do you also want that pink sauce recipe? Then take a look at the recipe below:

1. Water

2. Sunflower Seed Oil

3. Raw Honey

4. Distilled Vinegar

4. Pitaya, Or Dragon Fruit

5. Garlic

6. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

7. Less Than 2% Of Dried Spices, Lemon Juice, Milk, Citric Acid.

Even after learning the recipe, the mystery of why it is pink persists. Chef Pi herself responded to this, saying that she “wanted to come up with like this crazy revolutionary off-the-wall sauce,” which is why she chose to make it pink.

The Taste Of The Pink Sauce

As we all know, when a new trend emerges, other Tiktok users jump on board, even if it’s totally ludicrous. Many TikTok users also claim that the Pink Sauce tastes very much like ranch dressing [a kind of sour cream or buttermilk-based thick white salad dressing].

The hack was tried by a Tiktok user by the name of “Chris Simone,” who has the common opinion like everyone else and stated that it tastes like “sweet ranch.”

Reactions To The Pink Sauce Trend On Twitter

After reading their tweets regarding the trend, we can see that Twitter users have a lot of questions about it, which demonstrates that it is truly driving them and us insane.

After reading the tweets we have listed below, we are confident that you will have a lot of doubts as well, and a lot of laughs too.

One person wrote about how harmful this Pink Sauce is and how the girl who invented it has no backup.

Another user doubts the product since it appears to be “runny” and something doesn’t seem right about it. And we surely cannot disagree on the doubts of this user, right?

Don’t you think maybe this guy has a point when this user, who appears to be a man, asks why only ladies are eating?

Spectators of the Power Rangers would be able to relate to the joke made by this user who asked, “Did none of them see the Power Rangers movie?” And attached is an image of perhaps a Power Ranger carrying two jars with purple liquid. Kindly explain what that is in more detail in the comments, lol.

Another user is literally pissed off at the fact that people would pay $20 to buy it when they could easily make it at home by simply mixing some ketchup with sweet ranch.

This trend is causing some people to thrive in chaos, some to try it out, and some to make jokes about it because it appears a little bizarre and unexpected. But what do you think about it?

Do you also consider it to be harmful or do you believe it is worthwhile trying? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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