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What is ‘My Little Pony Jar’ Trend on TikTok? Famous Meme Explained

Lately, the ‘My Little Pony Jar’ trend has taken over the app TikTok. In the videos of this trend, the users can be seen reacting to the ‘My Little Pony jar’ photo and now it has become a trend.

Not long ago, some TikTok users found a meme about the “My Little Pony jar” and the meaning behind it is gross. Continue reading further to know everything about the ‘My Little Pony Jar’ trend.

TikTok has discovered the ‘My Little Pony Jar’ trend

If you are a TikToker, or someone who is updated with all the latest TikTok trends, then you must have seen videos in which people react to seeing a My little pony toy in a glass jar. Some users have even created funny skits about the trend.

Let us tell you, that some users are not even aware of the meaning of this whole trend. They don’t know why this trend has left many people traumatized. The explanation behind this trend is gross, and we are just reminding you that you are about to read something unpleasant, so read further at your own risk.

The meaning behind the trend explained

In a nutshell, the ‘My Little Pony Jar’ trend is a reaction to a meme that garnered the attention of the viewers in the year 2014. This particular topic was shared on 4chan.

For those of you who are unversed, let us share with you that 4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website where people can share photos and talk about different topics like movies and anime. It’s simply, Reddit for images.

A mystery user dropped an image of him filling a jar that consisted of a My Little Pony Rainbow Dash figurine in it with semen. The person made things worse by heating the contents of the jar by leaving it too close to a radiator and it resulted in the figurine melting.

Within a jiffy, the story went viral on the social media platform Twitter. From there on, the users have brought the meme back time and again. And now, users are talking about the meme in 2022. TikTok trends get really gross sometimes. Don’t they?

How did the netizens react to ‘My Little Pony Jar’ trend on TikTok?

One user wrote, “ppl who had tumblr back then when it was at its peak, have now a fear of my little pony and a mason jar.” Another user tweeted, “Great now I’m having flashbacks to the my little pony cum jar in that incels bedroom.”

Followed by a user who penned, ‘tl, what’s with “my little pony jar“?’ A user went on to say, “I just saw the picture of the my little pony in a cum jar again and almost threw up in my car.” 

These were a few reactions of the users to the ‘My Little Pony Jar’ trend. Kindly let us your thoughts on the viral TikTok trend in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of show.

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