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What is ‘Bama Rush TikTok’ in 2022? Decoding the Viral Trend

Bama Rush TikToks have made their way back to the world of TikTok. Last year in August, Bama Rush videos took over the video-sharing platform TikTok and now the trend is back in 2022.

Today we going to tell you all about Bama Rush videos. The name of this TikTok trend is short for Alabama Rush. You can see the future students of the University sharing their sorority pledge videos on the app.

Yes, sororities are still a thing in American colleges even though it is not something that is shown in movies such as Pitch Perfect and Monsters University. Keep reading further to learn everything about the Bama Rush TikToks.

What is Bama Rush?

Sorority rush is simply the process of sorority recruitment, where university undergraduates join a sorority. For those of you who are unaware, let us tell you a sorority is a group of students on a college campus that aim to foster friendship and bring together people with common interests.

Girls join a sorority, on the other hand, when we talk about boys, they join a fraternity. In these sororities or fraternities, everyone has Greek names, such as Alpha Chi Omega and Phi Mu.

The process to join a sorority is not easy. It consists of several rounds with different events and an application video. Bama Rush is the procedure of recruitment that takes place at the University of Alabama, which is considered one of the biggest universities in the United States.

How to join a sorority?

To join a sorority, at first, you have to make a video and send it to the sorority leader. But with social media, things have changed. Now, students of the University of Alabama are using TikTok and posting their sorority pledge videos on the video-sharing app.

Many people at the college use hashtags like #BamaRush and #AlabamaRush while uploading their videos to ensure that their video reaches the chosen sorority.

If you wish to get into a sorority, then just make sure to flaunt your bubbly personality in the video. Over time, many Bama Rush TikToks have gone viral.

How did the netizens react to Bama Rush TikToks?

One user wrote, “me excited to keep up with all the alabama rush girlys on tik tok for the next two weeks #bamarush” Another user tweeted, “we should be able to adopt a Bama Rush girlie like you can adopt an endangered elephant.”

Followed by a user who penned, “Anyone else invested in this ‘BAMA RUSH’ on tik tok??? These girls going to bloody boot camp.” A user went on to say, “sitting here seeing new bama rush toks of girls packing like they’re going to WAR and can’t stop thinking about how this is like the draft for women.”

Another user tweeted, “Happy ‘Bama Rush Tiktok week for all those that celebrate.” One user further added, “I can’t be the only one on bama rush tok surely?” A user wrote, “If I’ve learned anything from Bama Rush Tok, it’s that we don’t have enough opportunities to dress to a theme as adults and that should change.”

Are you a fan of the Bama Rush TikToks? Kindly let us know your thoughts on the TikTok trend in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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