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What Does ‘Remove Miner’ Mean on TikTok? Trend Explained

Kinds of Stuff on Tiktok is entertaining, but it can also be frustrating at times.

The beauty of it is that the TikToks trend which is annoying is the worst in its own, magical manner. Some are quite simple, some are spooky, and some are incredibly repetitive – but they’re all unpleasant.

Top content makers on the platform will either launch the challenges or join the hype train, and everyone else will follow suit.

Just like the new Tiktok trend is doing, annoying users. It’s named the ‘Remove Miner‘. Well, we know you’re in complete chaos that is what does it mean.

You’re not the only one, there are several users on the platform who are annoyed and puzzled as well. To clear your puzzled thoughts, you just have to read further about this complete madness.

The ‘Remove Miner’ TikTok Trend Is Confusing Users

Several TikTok users have claimed that the statement ‘remove miner’ has appeared in their feeds without any explanation.

Some of them have noted that other users leave the statement in the comment section of random videos without justification, which frustrates them all.

Well, it may come as a shock for you to learn that the Remove Miner trend is linked to a once-a-famous game that you may have played or may still be playing.

If you’ve played this game before, so do you remember the word ‘Miner’ from the game? If not, let me reveal it.

It’s Clash Of Clans. Getting nostalgia vibes right?

Now you might be wondering how Clash Of Clans relates to this puzzling trend. We have the answer to that as well.

The Link Between Remove Miner With Clash Of Clans

The Miner is a troop that digs underground and can avoid being impacted by barriers and attacks.

The character is the twelfth Elixir troop and can be found in Barracks level 12. When buried underground, the Miner is immune to traps and cannot be killed.

If the character notices an enemy, they will abandon their targets and attack them. After defeating the opponent, the Miner can move on to the nearest structure.

Miners in huge numbers are ideal for attacking bases with single-target Inferno Towers, as the Inferno Towers must heat up anew each time the Miners burrow underground.

How Did The Term ‘Remove Miner’ Start?

The word was coined after gamers petitioned to have a character named Miner removed from the game Clash of Clans. The fictitious persona seemed to have wreaked havoc in the lives of the gamers.

Well, it seems like small things like this even get viral. But why aren’t we getting viral? Haha, Emotional Damage.

Reactions Of Users On This Remove Miner’ Trend

One confused user wrote: “why are there remove miner in all the TikTok comments.”

Some annoyed users tweeted: “Stop with the remove miner and brownie recipes.”

The one highly frustrated user writes: “TikTok comments r ruined rn I go to check them and its remove miner or here’s the recipe for brownies n it’s so annoying (along with a lot of crying emojis)”

The one user whose angry mode seems to be ON, tweeted: “WHY IS EVERY TIKTOK COMMENT here’s the recipe for brownies OR remove miner SHUT UPPP.”

Are you annoyed as well, by this crazy craze going on around? Do you think it should be stopped? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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