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What Does ‘Eseba’ Mean on Tiktok?

Lost about what people are saying on TikTok? Confused about the meaning of Eseba? The class is in session.

No generation has popularised slang more than today’s generation or Generation Z, thanks to the rise of social media apps.

TikTok has become the go-to medium for influencers, and the vocabulary used on the network regularly goes viral, including the phrase “cheugy,” which Gen Z uses to mock millennial trends that are no longer relevant.

It’s also worth mentioning that these terms aren’t new terminology, despite the fact that TikTok has exposed them to a wider audience. Their origins, in reality, are far older. Just a new meaning is given to the words.

Similarly, the phrase ‘Eseba’ is gradually gaining traction on Tiktok, perplexing football fans as to what it means. Yes, you read that correctly! Fans of football.

Do you still have no idea what I’m talking about? We’ve got all you need to know about the trending phrase on Tiktok.

What Does ‘Eseba’ Means On Tiktok?

Several TikToks have been nicknamed “Eseba” recently. “Esebaa” or “Esheba” are examples of variations. It’s a Portuguese expression that means “to celebrate something outstanding or extraordinary.”

This phrase caught the eye of spectators after a football player was heard screaming “Eseba” after scoring a goal.

I’m not talking about any minor footballer, although no footballer is small, I’m talking about famous footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., Cristiano Ronaldo’s son, who was also seen in practice yelling “Eseba” after scoring a goal.

As we know scoring a goal for footballers is the greatest happiness they’ll ever achieve, apart from being a father, HAHA.

‘Eseba’ And ‘Esheba’ Are Homonyms That’s Are Confusing People 

It appears that the phrase ‘Eseba’ is not the only one trying to take a place on Tiktok; Esheba has also often been used. They may sound similar, yet their meanings are quite different.

“Esheba” is a Hebrew name that translates to “God chooses.” It’s not quite the same as ‘Eseba,’ but it’s nonetheless getting more popular on Tiktok, as one might expect.

Are you familiar with Iran Ferreira? The First One To Use This Phrase ‘Eseba’

He’s famed for his soccer skills, and he plays on dirt fields, yelling “Eseba” at the camera after every goal he scores, as we mentioned, but we didn’t say who he was, so here he is.

He has over 10 million Tik Tok followers and over 7 million Instagram followers. He considers himself to be a digital artist.

The majority of his videos have received millions of views on YouTube. His TikTok profile has a total of 161 million views as of this writing.

Ferreira’s TikTok handles “luvdepedreiro” is possibly more well-known. That is to say, the “man with the mason glove.” Ferreira became famous on TikTok after perfecting several juggling tricks with his own distinct style.

However, the trend has stretched its origins as people increasingly like using the word in non-football recordings as well.

So you may shout and say ‘Eseba’ if you ordered your food without stuttering or spotted your leftover pizza!! But not so loudly that the neighbors assume there’s an animal in the neighborhood.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with more phrases that have been popular on Tiktok and those which haven’t caught our attention, yet.

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