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TikTok’s ‘Borg’ Drinking Trend: Why Is It So Dangerous?

More than dozens of university students in the United States landed up in hospitals after trying the latest “borg” drinking trend on TikTok. It came out that they mixed up alcohol concoctions called ‘blackout rage gallons’, known as “borgs” on social media. It’s so bad that neighbouring towns to the east of Boston and Amherst had to send their emergency vehicles amid a shortage of ambulances. So what’s this dangerous trend about?

What Is TikTok’s ‘Borg’ Drinking Trend?

TikTok trends can take the best of us all. What seems funky and harmless at times, turns out into a nightmare most of the time. The video-sharing platform has been a hub of dangerous trends like the Balckout Challenge, NyQuil Chicken challenge and more. Lately, it’s buzzing with another dangerous trend, called the “Borg” drinking trend, which has already sent dozens of university students to hospitals.

So what’s this challenge all about? The name “borg” is short for “blackout rage gallon”, which expects students to mix a half-gallon of water with a half-gallon of alcohol (usually vodka) and an electrolyte flavour enhancer. Videos with hashtag #borg have already garnered more than 74.7 million views on TikTok.

Well, for university students, it’s an easy way to get drunk with easily-available ingredients, and these students claim that it’s all very tasty. The “borg” is said to keep one hydrated because of the electrolyte enhancer. Some people have even nicknamed their drinks as “Soulja Borg,” “Justin Borgber” and “Certified Lover Borg.” Sadly, this trend has turned the lives of many into a complete nightmare.

Why Is The ‘Borg’ Trend Dangerous?

Over the weekend, dozens of students at the University of Massachusetts were sent to the hospital. The reason was that they had mixed up alcohol concoctions called “blackout rage gallons”, more commonly known as “borgs”. In a statement, the university said it will assess this weekend’s events and take necessary steps to improve alcohol education.

“Many students were observed carrying plastic gallon containers, believed to be ‘borgs’ (blackout rage gallons, a mix of alcohol, electrolytes and water),” the university said.
“In recent weeks, this binge drinking trend has been increasingly depicted on TikTok and seen on college campuses across the country.”
While students claim that the trend is pretty safe, health experts suggest otherwise. Many experts called this new drinking trend “extremely dangerous” as it promotes binge drinking. Sarah O’Brien, an addiction specialist stated: “I can’t find an upside to it. I don’t think mixing a gallon of liquor with a mixer is good for any communities, especially younger generations.”
As students continue to share ratios to make their borg, experts have questioned the quantity being used.  “As with any other vehicle for consuming alcohol, the risks will primarily depend on how much alcohol a person consumes and how quickly they consume it,” stated Dr George F. Koob, the director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism at the National Institutes of Health.
Koob stated that he has seen recipes that call for half a gallon of vodka and according to him, “consuming this much alcohol would be fatal for the vast majority of people, even if spread out over a full day.” So yea, contrary to the supposed benefits of drinking borg, wherein many videos claim that it wards off dehydration, it’s better to not try this trend. 
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