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Three New Indiana Jones Lego Sets Leak Online, Pricing and Launch Date Revealed

Three new Indiana Jones Lego sets have made their way to the internet ahead of their official release, leaving fans of the franchise excited. While the sets are expected to be officially launched next month, some of their photos have already been leaked on social media.

The toy launch is in line with the release of the fifth film in the franchise, Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny, which is slated to arrive later this year. Read on to know the complete details of the leaked Lego sets, including expected prices and the number of pieces.

Indiana Jones 2023 Lego Set Photos Leaked Online

Three Lego sets based on the hit film series will be making their way to the toy stores: the Temple Of The Golden Idol, the Escape from the Lost Tomb, and the Fighter Plane Chase. Fans spotted the sets in toy stores across the country and clicked their pictures, which started doing rounds on Instagram.

Temple Of The Golden Idol (77015), based on the first film, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, will be the largest set with over 1,545 pieces. “Let us hurry. There is nothing to see here” – Satipo “That’s what scares me – Indiana Jones,” reads the quote on the set. The 18+ set is expected to be priced at $149.99.

Escape from the Lost Tomb (77013), based on the scene from the first film, will comprise around 600 pieces. The set, suitable for ages eight and above, will retail at $46.99. It will feature four Minifigures: Indiana Jones, Sallah, Marion Ravenwood, and a mummy.

Fighter Plane Chase (77012) is the smallest set of the three, containing 387 pieces. It will be based on a scene from Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, the third film in the franchise. The set, featuring the stolen Citroen convertible and the Pilatus P-2 aircraft, will be sold at $29.99.

All three sets are expected to be launched officially on April 1. With their release, it is confirmed that the earlier Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom Lego sets will be discontinued. 

Fans Feel Nostalgic Over the Release of the Sets

With the pictures of the upcoming Lego sets being leaked online, many fans have shared their excitement and expressed their nostalgia. “Wow. I haven’t seen a Lego Indy set in years. I feel so much nostalgia,” commented a fan. Another wrote, “It’s better than I ever dreamed it could be,” wrote another.

“The return of Lego Indiana Jones!! I loved the sets that came out when I was a kid and always wished they’d do more, and it’s finally happening! This set looks amazing! Just afraid what the price will be,” penned a fan, and another commented, “These LEGO Indiana Jones sets looks amazing! So nostalgic, I can’t wait to get my hands on these sets.”

Meanwhile, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is scheduled to release in theaters on June 30 this year. Harrison Ford will be portraying the titular role of the much-loved archaeologist for the fifth and final time in the film.

Will you be purchasing the Lego sets once they are officially launched? Tell us in the comments section.

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