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The Hole In The Floor: How To Use This Viral Filter?

TikTok is all about new trends that keep its users on the move. Recently, a new trend, “Hole in the Floor”, involving a new and interesting filter has taken over TikTok as users continue to use it on their videos. Except for the fact that it’s cool, the filter does give you Minecraft feels.

As Hole in the Floor continues to add some spice to your content, some are still trying to figure out how to use this filter. The trend has resulted in some hilarious jokes and funny memes. Here’s all about this cool filter and how to use one on your videos.

What is Hole In The Floor TikToK Filter?

TikTokers are going crazy about a new filter, that’s giving us all the alternate dimension feels. As sci-fi as this filter may sound, the Hole in the Filter is surely amping up the content. This filter allows you to create a hole in the floor or the ground, making you fall through and plummet toward a completely different point in space.

Well, it does remind me of Rick’s portal gun, which allowed the grandfather-grandson duo to travel to different dimensions as they embarked on their adventures. This filter gives viewers a feeling as if the person in the video is really high up, with fields, roads, houses, and cars visible through a spooky, realistic-looking hole.

How To Use The Hole in the Floor Filter?

The Hole in the Floor filter is really making TikTokers look cool. The most popular “Hole in the Floor” filter video on TikTok is a tutorial, that was uploaded by someone, who goes by the handle @ilviglio. The video has been viewed by 7.8 million people.

The best part about this viral filter is that, unlike other filters, is built into the TikTok app, which makes it even more convenient to access the app. Follow these easy steps to amp up your content with this cool filter.

  • Open the TikTok app and go to the “Home” tab
  • Click on the search bar
  • Type “Hole in the floor”
  • Find out a video with a similar filter
  • Above the username, an orange box will suggest, “A hole in the floor”
  • Click this and tap “Use this effect” to give it a go

As the filter continues to gain popularity, many social media users are associating it with the famous video game, Minecraft. And why not? Once you look back up at the hole in the sky, it does resemble the pixelated game. One person expressed on TikTok, “Bro’s in Minecraft.”

Another wrote, “I just hope you didn’t forget your water bucket,” another joked. A third person commented, “Elytra is broken.”  “Bro isinn creative mode,” another expressed. A user also joked, “Has anyone used the hole in the floor tiktok filter on the sinkhole yet.” If you still haven’t tried this filter, what exactly are you waiting for?

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