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Stray Kids’ Seungmin Tests positive for COVID 19

The famous K-pop band ‘Stray Kids’ member Seungmin tested positive for COVID 19 virus. he is the third member of the band to test positive for the COVID 19 virus.

JYP Entertainment announced on March 21, that band member Seungmin tested positive for Covid 19. Sources say that the artist has been quarantining as a preventative measure. JYP also mentioned that Seungmin has been fully vaccinated.

All the band members are quarantining themselves separately till they completely recover from the virus.

Seungmin is the third member of the band to get infected with the virus, before him Han and Changbin also got infected. Due to this, appearances of the band has gotten cancelled until further notice. 

Who is Seungmin?

Seungmin was born on September 22, 2000, in Seoul, Korea. He is the lead singer of the boy band called ‘Stray Kids’. One of the popular Korean bands in the current pop music scene in Asia. His first group debut was on 25th March 2018, in the boyband called ‘Stray Kids’.

Seungmin has an older sister. The fun fact about the vocalist is, he and another band member Chan attended the same high school, Chan was Seungmin’s senior.

Amongst all members of the band, he is the one who is most teased.


Twitter is Flooded!

The fans of the band are extremely saddened by the news and the cancellation of the show and radio appearances, as soon as JYP Entertainment released the news, Twitter got flooded with love and recovery messages, also prayed for their health and speedy recovery. 


Who are ‘Stray Kids’?

Korea has a hit pop culture of Hit boy and girl-bands and it has been so prominent now that it has become the crucial element of the Korean Pop culture scene. 

Stray Kids is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment in 2017 from a reality TV show. The band has 8 members Bang Chee, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin. They started the band in 2017, their main genres are K-pop, Electronica, Hip-hop. 

The name of the group was decided by the band members themselves not the managing team JYP Entertainment.

JYP Entertainment announced the reality TV show aiming to launch a male idol debut project.  Two members of the group were initially eliminated Lee Know and Felix. The final lineup of the band members were 9.

Originally the band had 9 members, another member named Woojin left the group. No member ever disclosed the reason for the Woojin’s leave, although the rumours spread that there was some personal dispute.

What’s Next for the band?

Stray Kids are coming back with their sixth mini-album ‘Oddinary’ and it’s the title track ‘Maniac’. The group’s comeback after three months. The main trailer is out already! Everything is postponed at the moment for the band, the band members’ health is the top priority for the management as well as the fans.

For more updates stay tuned.



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