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Reading Rainbow Trend is Now Viral on TikTok

Your nostalgic childhood theme music has become a new Tiktok craze.

TikTok trends aren’t necessarily humorous; if the trend takes off, a sick dance move or two is bound to garner you more fans than your stand-up performance.

However, when individuals with diverse creative minds come up with new ideas and create unique material things actually turn out to be hilarious.

The Tiktok trend takes on a whole new meaning, and that’s exactly what this “Butterfly In The Sky a.k.a Reading Rainbow Trend” is accomplishing.

The trend isn’t about a butterfly fluttering across the sky; it’s about childhood cartoons that used to catch your eye.

So, Are you ready for some TikTok as well as some childhood nostalgia? Then let’s get started. Because it’s actually intriguing.

Butterfly In The Sky A.k.a Reading Rainbow Tiktok Trend Explained

So basically, the trend basically plays the audio from the cartoon ‘Reading Rainbow.’

The lyric is ‘Butterfly in the skyyyy and I can go twice as highhhh,’ and the TikTok user used the Space filter.

The filter replicates TikToker’s face and sets them among the stars with a flaming planet and mathematical equation in the background.

Over 236,000 videos have used the sound as of now. Can you imagine? It’s that entertaining.

How To Take Part In This Hilarious Trend?

If you wish to join the queue and follow the same trend, simply follow the procedures outlined below:

1. To begin, go to on the left side of the screen, select effects.

2. Look through the list for the spacing effect.

3. Choose a filter, take a photo of yourself, and let the effect perform its magic.

4. After you’ve recorded yourself, use the rainbow theme song as the video’s soundtrack.

5. Using TikTok’s text feature, overlay a random confusing thought or message on top of the video.

6. Save and publish the video.

Voila! So there you have it, now you can show off your humorous side and possibly get some followers. But the best thing is you will actually enjoy doing it.

Relatable Tiktok Videos On This Trend

The most relatable we found was the one @homewithshelby’s video, “when someone is trying to explain the rules of a board game to me,” and @itsbenrichards’ TikTok, “when the airport sign says Arrival or Departures, but I am Arriving for my Departure,” It makes us realize that we all experience this.

The Start Of This New Trend

@itsandrewz initially posted the sound on February 2, 2022, to represent the dread you could have felt as a youngster when your mother left you alone at the register to “just grab one more thing.”

The sound has become so popular that grocery store employees are using it to demonstrate how they engage with children who are waiting for their parents at the register.

I recall seeing a reel where the reeler was the employee, and she was counting all the items and gave the kid the “Laughing” face, and I remember quoting the reel with “Me as a cashier speeding up when I notice a parent left their kid in line to go grab something.”

So, we just have one question for you, girl: how does it feel to be a villain? Okay, that was definitely a joke.

Despite the fact that this has nothing to do with the Reading Rainbow Trend, we wanted to give you guys a good laugh, Because we believe you can relate to this about when you were a child or even now, HAHA!

So, another hilarious Tiktokers who made this Reading Rainbow Trend was this one:

“Me tryna figure out how I’m going to afford a full set, three new tattoos, an eighth, doordash, and a road trip with the $143.67 in my bank account,” says another video from @saltybretheren.

“Trying to calculate how many times I can chat about the same boy before my buddies k*ll me,” @rileyspeer writes.

Now that you have a better understanding of the trend and how to participate in it, go for it.

And don’t forget to leave your humorous perplexing thoughts in the comments section below; we’ll do our best to respond to the most hilarious ones.

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