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‘Pumpkin Head Trend’ Is Back On TikTok

The Halloween spirit is high, which means that new trends are on the way.

A new trend has recently taken over TikTok and other social media platforms. And that’s especially the case now that an astounding personality has joined the squad. Halloween prompts carving pumpkins, sipping pumpkin drinks, and sticking to a multitude of trends.

What comes to mind when you hear the term Pumpkin Head Trend? A lot of things, or a pumpkin on your head. TikTok has a bunch of creepy content and a lot of spooky vibes. The trend we’re going to talk about is actually an old one. Let’s take a look.

Pumpkin Head Trend Made A Comeback

There are always new trends, but an old trend making a comeback is enthralling and worth following. The Pumpkin Head Trend refers to carving pumpkins so large that they fit your head like a mask. It should be sufficient to ensure that the pumpkin is comfortable on your head.

To make it more appealing, carve spooky eyes, nose, and mouth. You can make it more creepy by wearing a red-painted costume or something more engaging that will complement the pumpkin on your head.

Don’t forget to remove all of the pumpkin’s fillings. That’s probably a stupid thing to remind you of, right? If you are thinking that it’s challenging, it’s actually not. If you’ve been doing the pumpkin carving thing for a long time, it might be easier for you.

Because it’s literally nothing fancy, just make sure you can see through your homemade creative pumpkin head.

Have A ‘Pumpkin Head’ Photoshoot

You could have a lot of photoshoots now that you’ve carved your pumpkin with creativity. Make a slew of scary videos and adorable photos with the pumpkin on your head. People are taking this trend to a whole new level by taking creative snaps.

You can collaborate with friends or family members to generate content. You can dress up all fancy and glamorous and carry the pumpkin, or you can wear something spooky. You can also choose your preferred places.

Go to a park and take spooky pictures under a tree, or sit on your couch and have a stylish photoshoot with a cute pumpkin head.

Megan Thee Stallion Is Slaying The ‘Pumpkin Head’

We are aware that the trend is gaining popularity. Megan Thee Stallion, on the other hand, is all set for Halloween because she jumped on this new trend. Megan is wearing a cute night outfit, having a drink, and reading a book on a couch while wearing a pumpkin on her head.

Even though we can’t see her gorgeous face, her personality appears elegant. She is also probably standing by her door, welcoming the new month. Megan was the one who started this trend last year

And she’s getting a lot of compliments on her creativity this year as well. Megan’s comment section is brimming with adorable compliments. Check out the post below:

What are your thoughts on this new trend & are you planning to hop on it? You are welcome to drop your opinions in the comment section below.

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