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Oscars 2022 Categories: Exploring the Complete List of All Awards

The Academy Awards, commonly known to the world as “Oscars”, is a prestigious and significant award that recognizes people with artistic and technical merit in the field of entertainment.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences hosts this award every year. The first-ever Academy Awards was held more than 93 years ago on 16th May 1929 at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel attended by 270 people. The winners are awarded a gold-plated statuette that is commonly called Oscar.

The award officially called the “Academy Award of Merit” plays a critical role in the career of the winner as he or she gets better projects, decent pay hikes, and on top of that media recognition.

Oscars 2022: Date & Host details

The 94th Academy Awards are scheduled to be held on 27th March 2022 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The event will be hosted by Regina Hall, Amy Schumer, and Wanda Sykes.

The event will be telecasted live on ABC at 5 PM PT/8 PM ET on 27th March.

Check out the list of Oscar Categories

Oscars are held in Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California for more than two decades now.

Ahead of the grand event, let us now get into the list of Oscar categories.

Below are the 24 different Oscar categories with details.

1. Best Actor in a Leading Role

This category is one of the main awards given at the event to recognize the talent of an actor who delivered a superb performance as the success of a movie is directly proportional to the performance of the actor in the leading role.

Academy members, who are actors themselves, decide the nominees for this award, and the winner is finalized by the Academy members as a whole.

2. Best Actor in a Supporting Role

In a film, usually, we come across a character who is not the lead actor but equally bears the responsibility of ringing in the box office collections.

Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role is for those talented artists who portray the role of supporting actor.

3. Best Actress in a Leading Role

‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’ is considered to be one of the most popular Oscars awarded to the lead female actress. The award recognizes the talent of actresses who play a crucial role in making it a blockbuster.

4. Best Actress in a Supporting Role

The world of glamour is full of talents and artists. The supporting actresses play a vital role in the film even though their performance is for a short period of time.

These actresses influence the audience with their acting skills and get qualified for the ‘Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress’ award.

5. Best Adapted Screenplay

It is not always feasible to represent an original story and most probably a single concept is again shown in films, though with a distinct approach.

The talent lies in modifying the concept into a discrete story. This particular award is for those people who are blessed with these skills.

6. Best Animated Feature

This award was introduced more than two decades ago in 2001 with the objective of motivating the people engaged in the field of animation.

An animated feature film is defined as a movie with a running time of 40 minutes or more in which the performance of the character is created using a frame-by-frame technique.

7. Best Animated Short Film

As per the rules of the Academy, this award is presented to “the individual person most directly responsible for the concept and the creative execution of the film.”

Flowers and Trees by Walt Disney released in the year 1932 was the first movie to win in this category. The definition of a short film here is the one that is “not more than 40 minutes, including all credits.”

8. Best Documentary Short

The best short subject documentary of the year which has a run time of less than or equal to 40 minutes dealing with cultural, artistic, historical, social and others qualifies for the award.

9. Best Production Design

This award is reserved for the best interior design in a film.  

10. Best Cinematography

The ‘Academy Award for Best Cinematography’ is awarded to a cinematographer for his/her work in one particular motion picture.

11. Best Costume Design

Costumes do play a pivotal part in a movie. The attire of an individual adds to the character played by him/her in the film. It is not easy to design an appropriate dress for all the cast members of the film. Oscar for ‘Best Costume Design’ is a perfect way of honoring individuals.

12. Best Director

The director of a movie is the most important position under whose charge a movie is made. He/She is responsible to ensure things work in the right direction. The director plays a crucial role in the making of a successful film.

13. Best Documentary Feature

There are several documentary features made every year out of which the best is awarded ‘Best Documentary Feature’ Oscar. While movies are based on the mix of reality and imagination, documentaries are based on real life.

14. Best Film Editing

This award is presented to only the principal, “above the line” editors and other roles like additional editors, supervising editors, etc are not eligible.

15. Best Foreign Language Film

Any movie produced outside the United States of America, mainly with a non-English dialogue track qualifies for this category. This ‘Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film’ is given to a feature-length motion picture.

16. Best Makeup

Makeup is one of the most important elements of filmmaking. The film industry leaves no stone unturned in beautifying the performers. This category of Oscar award for “Best Makeup” is the best way to appreciate their talent.

17. Best Original Score

Oscar for Best Original Score is presented to the best substantial body of music.

18. Best Original Screenplay

The screenplay is the first and foremost requirement for making a film and many consider this as the soul of a movie. A good story plays role in ensuring the cash register is on a roll. ‘Oscar for Best Original Screenplay’ award is to acknowledge the person responsible for the screenplay.

19. Best Original Song

Songs are one of the main aspects of a film which are hummed by fans even after many years. ‘Oscar for Best Original Song’ award is to honor the talented songwriters of Hollywood.

20. Best Picture

The producers of the film are formally presented with this award. ‘Oscar for Best Picture’ is the only category wherein every Academy member is not just eligible to nominate entrees but also give his/her vote on the final ballot.

21. Best Sound Editing

A film that has the best or most artistic sound editing or sound design is eligible for the ‘Oscar for Best Sound Editing’.

22. Best Sound Mixing

The sound quality of the movie just can’t be ignored as it is one of the important aspects of the movie that creates the right impact on the audience. ‘Oscar for Best Sound Mixing’ is an award to appreciate the most euphonic sound mixing.

23. Best Visual Effects

‘Best Visual effects’ Oscar is awarded to those films in which the effects artists have shown something really unique and extraordinary. This sort of effect which impresses the audience is the brainchild of the artist.

24. Live Action Short Film

As per the present rules of the award, this will be awarded to “the individual person most directly responsible for the concept and the creative execution of the film.” If there is more than one person involved then a second statuette may be awarded.

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