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Netflix Preview Club Program Explained: How Can You Become a Member?

What if we told you Netflix has a super exclusive club for a handful of users who get to watch new movies and television shows way before their premiere? Sounds unlikely, right? Well, in reality, the club does exist!

Named the Netflix Preview Club, the program allows viewers to watch new content before its release in order to get feedback. So how does the program work, and can you also be a part of it? Read on to find out.

Netflix Preview Club Program Explained

Sources say that the club has been in existence since 2021. The program currently has around 2,000 members who get to watch unreleased content before its official release. However, some reports suggest that Netflix is going to add tens of thousands of more viewers worldwide to the club soon.

The members are asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with Netflix and are given one week to watch a particular film or television show. They then have to give feedback on the content via a detailed questionnaire provided by the streaming platform. 

The project is still in the editing stage while the Preview Club watches and reviews it. So changes can be made to it based on the feedback received from the viewers. A number of Reddit users claimed to be a part of the club in 2021 and revealed how the program works.

One user wrote, “Yes, it’s legitimate. You watch Netflix original movies before they’re released and answer survey questions about them. (You also have to sign an NDA because these truly are not released and still in final editing stage).”

Another explained, “You get a special Netflix account and they email when they have a movie in there for you to watch. Usually you have to watch and review within a week.” A new member of the club tweeted recently, “just joined the Netflix preview club, confused but excited.”

Don’t Look Up Got Several Changes Based on Preview Club’s Feedback

Adam McKay’s 2021 satirical black-comedy Don’t Look Up is said to have undergone several changes based on the reviews by the Preview Club members. The viewers found the Leonardo DiCaprio starrer way too serious and suggested adding more humor to the film.

When the film was officially released, it made a new record on Netflix with 152.29 million weekly viewing hours and went on to receive four Oscars nominations. Considering that Netflix spends billions of dollars on content, it makes sense that the streaming platform wants to get it reviewed by a test audience first to come up with the best possible product.

Can You Join Netflix Preview Club?

Unfortunately, Netflix Preview Club is an invite-only program, which means only people chosen by the streaming platform can be a part of it. The platform will reach out to you personally on your email if they select you to join the program. Netflix has confirmed that they do not accept any requests from users wanting to participate in the program.

The Netflix Preview Club members are reportedly selected based on a number of factors, including their time on the platform and viewing habits. However, the exact criteria have been kept a secret.

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